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The role of ATP signaling in the migration of intermediate neuronal progenitors to the neocortical subventricular zone.
Xiuxin Liu, Kazue Hashimoto-Torii, Masaaki Torii, Tarik F Haydar, Pasko Rakic. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2008

P2Y(1) receptor mediated neuronal fibre outgrowth in organotypic brain slice co-cultures.
Claudia Heine, Katja Sygnecka, Nico Scherf, Marcus Grohmann, Annett Bräsigk, Heike Franke. Neuropharmacology 2015

Co-cited is the co-citation frequency, indicating how many articles cite the article together with the query article. Similarity is the co-citation as percentage of the times cited of the query article or the article in the search results, whichever is the lowest. These numbers are calculated for the last 100 citations when articles are cited more than 100 times.