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Thomas Danne, Bertrand Cariou, Phillip Banks, Michael Brandle, Helmut Brath, Edward Franek, Jake A Kushner, Pablo Lapuerta, Darren K McGuire, Anne L Peters, Sangeeta Sawhney, Paul Strumph. Diabetes Care 2018
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Endpoints in diabetes cardiovascular outcome trials.
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Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicentre pilot study on the effects of empagliflozin on clinical outcomes in patients with acute decompensated heart failure (EMPA-RESPONSE-AHF).
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Ror2 signaling regulates Golgi structure and transport through IFT20 for tumor invasiveness.
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Genetic scores to stratify risk of developing multiple islet autoantibodies and type 1 diabetes: A prospective study in children.
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AHRQ series paper 5: grading the strength of a body of evidence when comparing medical interventions--agency for healthcare research and quality and the effective health-care program.
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Family adjustment to diabetes diagnosis in children: Can participation in a study on type 1 diabetes genetic risk be helpful?
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