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Yi-Chung Lee, Ming-Jen Lee, Hsiang-Yu Yu, Chien Chen, Chang-Hung Hsu, Kon-Ping Lin, Kwong-Kum Liao, Ming-Hong Chang, Yi-Chu Liao, Bing-Wen Soong. PLoS One 2012
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PRRT2 Regulates Synaptic Fusion by Directly Modulating SNARE Complex Assembly.
Jeff Coleman, Ouardane Jouannot, Sathish K Ramakrishnan, Maria N Zanetti, Jing Wang, Vincenzo Salpietro, Henry Houlden, James E Rothman, Shyam S Krishnakumar. Cell Rep 2018

Penetrance estimation of PRRT2 variants in paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia and infantile convulsions.
Yulan Chen, Dianfu Chen, Shaoyun Zhao, Gonglu Liu, Hongfu Li, Zhi-Ying Wu. Front Med 2021

Incidence and phenotypes of childhood-onset genetic epilepsies: a prospective population-based national cohort.
Joseph D Symonds, Sameer M Zuberi, Kirsty Stewart, Ailsa McLellan, Mary O'Regan, Stewart MacLeod, Alice Jollands, Shelagh Joss, Martin Kirkpatrick, Andreas Brunklaus,[...]. Brain 2019

TMEM151A variants cause paroxysmal kinesigenic dyskinesia.
Hong-Fu Li, Yu-Lan Chen, Ling Zhuang, Dian-Fu Chen, Hua-Zhen Ke, Wen-Jiao Luo, Gong-Lu Liu, Sheng-Nan Wu, Wen-Hao Zhou, Zhi-Qi Xiong,[...]. Cell Discov 2021

Presynaptic PRRT2 Deficiency Causes Cerebellar Dysfunction and Paroxysmal Kinesigenic Dyskinesia.
Dylan J Calame, Jianfeng Xiao, Mohammad Moshahid Khan, T J Hollingsworth, Yi Xue, Abigail L Person, Mark S LeDoux. Neuroscience 2020

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