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Eros Lazzerini Denchi, Titia de Lange. Nature 2007
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PARP Inhibitors for Sensitization of Alkylation Chemotherapy in Glioblastoma: Impact of Blood-Brain Barrier and Molecular Heterogeneity.
Shiv K Gupta, Emily J Smith, Ann C Mladek, Shulan Tian, Paul A Decker, Sani H Kizilbash, Gaspar J Kitange, Jann N Sarkaria. Front Oncol 2019

TRIP12 and UBR5 suppress spreading of chromatin ubiquitylation at damaged chromosomes.
Thorkell Gudjonsson, Matthias Altmeyer, Velibor Savic, Luis Toledo, Christoffel Dinant, Merete Grøfte, Jirina Bartkova, Maria Poulsen, Yasuyoshi Oka, Simon Bekker-Jensen,[...]. Cell 2012

Poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 activation during DNA damage and repair.
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Molecular recognition in complexes of TRF proteins with telomeric DNA.
Miłosz Wieczór, Adrian Tobiszewski, Paweł Wityk, Bartłomiej Tomiczek, Jacek Czub. PLoS One 2014

AtTBP2 and AtTRP2 in Arabidopsis encode proteins that bind plant telomeric DNA and induce DNA bending in vitro.
Moo Gak Hwang, Kyunghye Kim, Won-Kyung Lee, Myeon Haeng Cho. Mol Genet Genomics 2005

Solution structure of the DNA binding domain of rice telomere binding protein RTBP1.
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Telomerase and chromosome end maintenance.
J Lingner, T R Cech. Curr Opin Genet Dev 1998

Backbone dynamics of a free and phosphopeptide-complexed Src homology 2 domain studied by 15N NMR relaxation.
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NMRPipe: a multidimensional spectral processing system based on UNIX pipes.
F Delaglio, S Grzesiek, G W Vuister, G Zhu, J Pfeifer, A Bax. J Biomol NMR 1995

Structure of the DNA-binding domain of NgTRF1 reveals unique features of plant telomere-binding proteins.
Sunggeon Ko, Sung-Hoon Jun, Hansol Bae, Jung-Sue Byun, Woong Han, Heeyoung Park, Seong Wook Yang, Sam-Yong Park, Young Ho Jeon, Chaejoon Cheong,[...]. Nucleic Acids Res 2008

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