A citation-based method for searching scientific literature

Yoshiko Maida, Mami Yasukawa, Miho Furuuchi, Timo Lassmann, Richard Possemato, Naoko Okamoto, Vivi Kasim, Yoshihide Hayashizaki, William C Hahn, Kenkichi Masutomi. Nature 2009
Times Cited: 250

List of co-cited articles
886 articles co-cited >1

Times Cited
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MicroRNA: Biogenesis, Function and Role in Cancer.
Leigh-Ann Macfarlane, Paul R Murphy. Curr Genomics 2010

Somatic mutations in long-non-coding RNA RMRP in acute leukemias.
Hyun Ji Son, Eun Ji Choi, Nam Jin Yoo, Sug Hyung Lee. Pathol Res Pract 2019

Co-cited is the co-citation frequency, indicating how many articles cite the article together with the query article. Similarity is the co-citation as percentage of the times cited of the query article or the article in the search results, whichever is the lowest. These numbers are calculated for the last 100 citations when articles are cited more than 100 times.