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Oxidative stress and diabetic complications.
Ferdinando Giacco, Michael Brownlee. Circ Res 2010

Normalizing mitochondrial superoxide production blocks three pathways of hyperglycaemic damage.
T Nishikawa, D Edelstein, X L Du, S Yamagishi, T Matsumura, Y Kaneda, M A Yorek, D Beebe, P J Oates, H P Hammes,[...]. Nature 2000

Effects of intensive glucose lowering in type 2 diabetes.
Hertzel C Gerstein, Michael E Miller, Robert P Byington, David C Goff, J Thomas Bigger, John B Buse, William C Cushman, Saul Genuth, Faramarz Ismail-Beigi, Richard H Grimm,[...]. N Engl J Med 2008

Methylglyoxal modification of Nav1.8 facilitates nociceptive neuron firing and causes hyperalgesia in diabetic neuropathy.
Angelika Bierhaus, Thomas Fleming, Stoyan Stoyanov, Andreas Leffler, Alexandru Babes, Cristian Neacsu, Susanne K Sauer, Mirjam Eberhardt, Martina Schnölzer, Felix Lasitschka,[...]. Nat Med 2012

Global prevalence and major risk factors of diabetic retinopathy.
Joanne W Y Yau, Sophie L Rogers, Ryo Kawasaki, Ecosse L Lamoureux, Jonathan W Kowalski, Toke Bek, Shih-Jen Chen, Jacqueline M Dekker, Astrid Fletcher, Jakob Grauslund,[...]. Diabetes Care 2012

Diabetic retinopathy.
Tien Y Wong, Chui Ming Gemmy Cheung, Michael Larsen, Sanjay Sharma, Rafael Simó. Nat Rev Dis Primers 2016

Tissue sulfhydryl groups.
G L ELLMAN. Arch Biochem Biophys 1959

Diabetic neuropathies: update on definitions, diagnostic criteria, estimation of severity, and treatments.
Solomon Tesfaye, Andrew J M Boulton, Peter J Dyck, Roy Freeman, Michael Horowitz, Peter Kempler, Giuseppe Lauria, Rayaz A Malik, Vincenza Spallone, Aaron Vinik,[...]. Diabetes Care 2010

Global and regional diabetes prevalence estimates for 2019 and projections for 2030 and 2045: Results from the International Diabetes Federation Diabetes Atlas, 9th edition.
Pouya Saeedi, Inga Petersohn, Paraskevi Salpea, Belma Malanda, Suvi Karuranga, Nigel Unwin, Stephen Colagiuri, Leonor Guariguata, Ayesha A Motala, Katherine Ogurtsova,[...]. Diabetes Res Clin Pract 2019

Chemistry and biochemistry of 4-hydroxynonenal, malonaldehyde and related aldehydes.
H Esterbauer, R J Schaur, H Zollner. Free Radic Biol Med 1991

Neural apoptosis in the retina during experimental and human diabetes. Early onset and effect of insulin.
A J Barber, E Lieth, S A Khin, D A Antonetti, A G Buchanan, T W Gardner. J Clin Invest 1998

Oscillating glucose is more deleterious to endothelial function and oxidative stress than mean glucose in normal and type 2 diabetic patients.
Antonio Ceriello, Katherine Esposito, Ludovica Piconi, Michael A Ihnat, Jessica E Thorpe, Roberto Testa, Massimo Boemi, Dario Giugliano. Diabetes 2008

Empagliflozin, Cardiovascular Outcomes, and Mortality in Type 2 Diabetes.
Bernard Zinman, Christoph Wanner, John M Lachin, David Fitchett, Erich Bluhmki, Stefan Hantel, Michaela Mattheus, Theresa Devins, Odd Erik Johansen, Hans J Woerle,[...]. N Engl J Med 2015

Pathologic classification of diabetic nephropathy.
Thijs W Cohen Tervaert, Antien L Mooyaart, Kerstin Amann, Arthur H Cohen, H Terence Cook, Cinthia B Drachenberg, Franco Ferrario, Agnes B Fogo, Mark Haas, Emile de Heer,[...]. J Am Soc Nephrol 2010

Inhibition of GAPDH activity by poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activates three major pathways of hyperglycemic damage in endothelial cells.
Xueliang Du, Takeshi Matsumura, Diane Edelstein, Luciano Rossetti, Zsuzsanna Zsengellér, Csaba Szabó, Michael Brownlee. J Clin Invest 2003

Higher levels of advanced glycation endproducts in human carotid atherosclerotic plaques are associated with a rupture-prone phenotype.
Nordin M J Hanssen, Kristiaan Wouters, Maya S Huijberts, Marion J Gijbels, Judith C Sluimer, Jean L J M Scheijen, Sylvia Heeneman, Erik A L Biessen, Mat J A P Daemen, Michael Brownlee,[...]. Eur Heart J 2014

Transient high glucose causes persistent epigenetic changes and altered gene expression during subsequent normoglycemia.
Assam El-Osta, Daniella Brasacchio, Dachun Yao, Alessandro Pocai, Peter L Jones, Robert G Roeder, Mark E Cooper, Michael Brownlee. J Exp Med 2008

Dicarbonyl stress in the absence of hyperglycemia increases endothelial inflammation and atherogenesis similar to that observed in diabetes.
Chris Tikellis, Raelene J Pickering, Despina Tsorotes, Olivier Huet, Mark E Cooper, Karin Jandeleit-Dahm, Merlin C Thomas. Diabetes 2014

Microvasular and macrovascular complications in diabetes mellitus: Distinct or continuum?
Aastha Chawla, Rajeev Chawla, Shalini Jaggi. Indian J Endocrinol Metab 2016

Oxidative stress as a major culprit in kidney disease in diabetes.
Josephine M Forbes, Melinda T Coughlan, Mark E Cooper. Diabetes 2008

Epidemiology of diabetes and diabetes-related complications.
Anjali D Deshpande, Marcie Harris-Hayes, Mario Schootman. Phys Ther 2008

Advanced glycation end products: sparking the development of diabetic vascular injury.
Alison Goldin, Joshua A Beckman, Ann Marie Schmidt, Mark A Creager. Circulation 2006

Cellular death, reactive oxygen species (ROS) and diabetic complications.
Caroline Maria Oliveira Volpe, Pedro Henrique Villar-Delfino, Paula Martins Ferreira Dos Anjos, José Augusto Nogueira-Machado. Cell Death Dis 2018

Mechanisms of diabetic complications.
Josephine M Forbes, Mark E Cooper. Physiol Rev 2013

On type 1 diabetes mellitus pathogenesis.
Stavroula A Paschou, Nektaria Papadopoulou-Marketou, George P Chrousos, Christina Kanaka-Gantenbein. Endocr Connect 2018

Oxidative damage in the retinal mitochondria of diabetic mice: possible protection by superoxide dismutase.
Mamta Kanwar, Pooi-See Chan, Timothy S Kern, Renu A Kowluru. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci 2007

Glucose control and vascular complications in veterans with type 2 diabetes.
William Duckworth, Carlos Abraira, Thomas Moritz, Domenic Reda, Nicholas Emanuele, Peter D Reaven, Franklin J Zieve, Jennifer Marks, Stephen N Davis, Rodney Hayward,[...]. N Engl J Med 2009

Severe hypoglycemia and risks of vascular events and death.
Sophia Zoungas, Anushka Patel, John Chalmers, Bastiaan E de Galan, Qiang Li, Laurent Billot, Mark Woodward, Toshiharu Ninomiya, Bruce Neal, Stephen MacMahon,[...]. N Engl J Med 2010

Methylglyoxal, obesity, and diabetes.
Paulo Matafome, Cristina Sena, Raquel Seiça. Endocrine 2013

Endovascular thrombectomy after large-vessel ischaemic stroke: a meta-analysis of individual patient data from five randomised trials.
Mayank Goyal, Bijoy K Menon, Wim H van Zwam, Diederik W J Dippel, Peter J Mitchell, Andrew M Demchuk, Antoni Dávalos, Charles B L M Majoie, Aad van der Lugt, Maria A de Miquel,[...]. Lancet 2016

Admission glucose level and clinical outcomes in the NINDS rt-PA Stroke Trial.
A Bruno, S R Levine, M R Frankel, T G Brott, Y Lin, B C Tilley, P D Lyden, J P Broderick, T G Kwiatkowski, S E Fineberg. Neurology 2002

Diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease: an update.
J R Sowers, M Epstein, E D Frohlich. Hypertension 2001

Physical Activity/Exercise and Diabetes: A Position Statement of the American Diabetes Association.
Sheri R Colberg, Ronald J Sigal, Jane E Yardley, Michael C Riddell, David W Dunstan, Paddy C Dempsey, Edward S Horton, Kristin Castorino, Deborah F Tate. Diabetes Care 2016

Therapeutic potential of Nrf2 activators in streptozotocin-induced diabetic nephropathy.
Hongting Zheng, Samantha A Whitman, Wei Wu, Georg T Wondrak, Pak K Wong, Deyu Fang, Donna D Zhang. Diabetes 2011

Association of glycaemia with macrovascular and microvascular complications of type 2 diabetes (UKPDS 35): prospective observational study.
I M Stratton, A I Adler, H A Neil, D R Matthews, S E Manley, C A Cull, D Hadden, R C Turner, R R Holman. BMJ 2000

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