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Sensitivity Analysis in Observational Research: Introducing the E-Value.
Tyler J VanderWeele, Peng Ding. Ann Intern Med 2017

Reliability, Validity, and Factor Structure of the Hopkins Symptom Checklist-25: Population-Based Study of Persons Living with HIV in Rural Uganda.
Scholastic Ashaba, Bernard Kakuhikire, Dagmar Vořechovská, Jessica M Perkins, Christine E Cooper-Vince, Samuel Maling, David R Bangsberg, Alexander C Tsai. AIDS Behav 2018

Measuring personal beliefs and perceived norms about intimate partner violence: Population-based survey experiment in rural Uganda.
Alexander C Tsai, Bernard Kakuhikire, Jessica M Perkins, Dagmar Vořechovská, Amy Q McDonough, Elizabeth L Ogburn, Jordan M Downey, David R Bangsberg. PLoS Med 2017

"When you have no water, it means you have no peace": A mixed-methods, whole-population study of water insecurity and depression in rural Uganda.
Rumbidzai C Mushavi, Bridget F O Burns, Bernard Kakuhikire, Moran Owembabazi, Dagmar Vořechovská, Amy Q McDonough, Christine E Cooper-Vince, Charles Baguma, Justin D Rasmussen, David R Bangsberg,[...]. Soc Sci Med 2020

The social network context of HIV stigma: Population-based, sociocentric network study in rural Uganda.
Sae Takada, Viola Nyakato, Akihiro Nishi, A James O'Malley, Bernard Kakuhikire, Jessica M Perkins, David R Bangsberg, Nicholas A Christakis, Alexander C Tsai. Soc Sci Med 2019

Population-based study of intra-household gender differences in water insecurity: reliability and validity of a survey instrument for use in rural Uganda.
Alexander C Tsai, Bernard Kakuhikire, Rumbidzai Mushavi, Dagmar Vořechovská, Jessica M Perkins, Amy Q McDonough, David R Bangsberg. J Water Health 2016

Log-binomial models: exploring failed convergence.
Tyler Williamson, Misha Eliasziw, Gordon Hilton Fick. Emerg Themes Epidemiol 2013

Short screening scales to monitor population prevalences and trends in non-specific psychological distress.
R C Kessler, G Andrews, L J Colpe, E Hiripi, D K Mroczek, S L T Normand, E E Walters, A M Zaslavsky. Psychol Med 2002

Community norms for HIV risk behaviors among men in a South African township.
Kate B Carey, Lori A J Scott-Sheldon, Michael P Carey, Demetria Cain, Regina Mlobeli, Redwaan Vermaak, Jacqueline Mthembu, Leickness C Simbayi, Seth C Kalichman. J Behav Med 2011

Predicting Primary and Secondary Abstinence Among Adolescent Boys and Girls in the Western Cape, South Africa.
Sander M Eggers, Catherine Mathews, Leif E Aarø, Tracy McClinton-Appollis, Arjan E R Bos, Hein de Vries. AIDS Behav 2017

Adverse childhood experiences, alcoholic parents, and later risk of alcoholism and depression.
Robert F Anda, Charles L Whitfield, Vincent J Felitti, Daniel Chapman, Valerie J Edwards, Shanta R Dube, David F Williamson. Psychiatr Serv 2002

Engineering social change using social norms: lessons from the study of collective action.
Deborah Prentice, Elizabeth Levy Paluck. Curr Opin Psychol 2020

Social norms, misperceptions, and mosquito net use: a population-based, cross-sectional study in rural Uganda.
Jessica M Perkins, Paul Krezanoski, Sae Takada, Bernard Kakuhikire, Vincent Batwala, Alexander C Tsai, Nicholas A Christakis, David R Bangsberg. Malar J 2019

Peer norms moderate the association between mental health and sexual risk behaviors among young men living in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
L M Hill, J Moody, N C Gottfredson, L J Kajula, B W Pence, V F Go, S Maman. Soc Sci Med 2018

Actual Versus Perceived HIV Testing Norms, and Personal HIV Testing Uptake: A Cross-Sectional, Population-Based Study in Rural Uganda.
Jessica M Perkins, Viola N Nyakato, Bernard Kakuhikire, Pamela K Mbabazi, H Wesley Perkins, Alexander C Tsai, S V Subramanian, Nicholas A Christakis, David R Bangsberg. AIDS Behav 2018

Changing Norms to Change Behavior.
Dale T Miller, Deborah A Prentice. Annu Rev Psychol 2016

Food insecurity, social networks and symptoms of depression among men and women in rural Uganda: a cross-sectional, population-based study.
Jessica M Perkins, Viola N Nyakato, Bernard Kakuhikire, Alexander C Tsai, S V Subramanian, David R Bangsberg, Nicholas A Christakis. Public Health Nutr 2018

A multisite randomized trial of social norms marketing campaigns to reduce college student drinking.
William DeJong, Shari Kessel Schneider, Laura Gomberg Towvim, Melissa J Murphy, Emily E Doerr, Neal R Simonsen, Karen E Mason, Richard A Scribner. J Stud Alcohol 2006

Portrayals of mental illness, treatment, and relapse and their effects on the stigma of mental illness: Population-based, randomized survey experiment in rural Uganda.
Justin D Rasmussen, Bernard Kakuhikire, Charles Baguma, Scholastic Ashaba, Christine E Cooper-Vince, Jessica M Perkins, David R Bangsberg, Alexander C Tsai. PLoS Med 2019

The PHQ-9: validity of a brief depression severity measure.
K Kroenke, R L Spitzer, J B Williams. J Gen Intern Med 2001

Racism as a Determinant of Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.
Yin Paradies, Jehonathan Ben, Nida Denson, Amanuel Elias, Naomi Priest, Alex Pieterse, Arpana Gupta, Margaret Kelaher, Gilbert Gee. PLoS One 2015

Review of inverse probability weighting for dealing with missing data.
Shaun R Seaman, Ian R White. Stat Methods Med Res 2013

Easy SAS calculations for risk or prevalence ratios and differences.
Donna Spiegelman, Ellen Hertzmark. Am J Epidemiol 2005

Multiple imputation using chained equations: Issues and guidance for practice.
Ian R White, Patrick Royston, Angela M Wood. Stat Med 2011

A new equation to estimate glomerular filtration rate.
Andrew S Levey, Lesley A Stevens, Christopher H Schmid, Yaping Lucy Zhang, Alejandro F Castro, Harold I Feldman, John W Kusek, Paul Eggers, Frederick Van Lente, Tom Greene,[...]. Ann Intern Med 2009

Structural racism and health inequities in the USA: evidence and interventions.
Zinzi D Bailey, Nancy Krieger, Madina Agénor, Jasmine Graves, Natalia Linos, Mary T Bassett. Lancet 2017

Clinical manifestations, risk factors, and maternal and perinatal outcomes of coronavirus disease 2019 in pregnancy: living systematic review and meta-analysis.
John Allotey, Elena Stallings, Mercedes Bonet, Magnus Yap, Shaunak Chatterjee, Tania Kew, Luke Debenham, Anna Clavé Llavall, Anushka Dixit, Dengyi Zhou,[...]. BMJ 2020

Seven-Year Weight Trajectories and Health Outcomes in the Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery (LABS) Study.
Anita P Courcoulas, Wendy C King, Steven H Belle, Paul Berk, David R Flum, Luis Garcia, William Gourash, Mary Horlick, James E Mitchell, Alfons Pomp,[...]. JAMA Surg 2018

Postoperative Behavioral Variables and Weight Change 3 Years After Bariatric Surgery.
James E Mitchell, Nicholas J Christian, David R Flum, Alfons Pomp, Walter J Pories, Bruce M Wolfe, Anita P Courcoulas, Steven H Belle. JAMA Surg 2016

Long-term follow-up after bariatric surgery: a systematic review.
Nancy Puzziferri, Thomas B Roshek, Helen G Mayo, Ryan Gallagher, Steven H Belle, Edward H Livingston. JAMA 2014

Safety and efficacy of bariatric surgery: Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery.
Steven H Belle, Paul D Berk, Anita P Courcoulas, David R Flum, Carolyn W Miles, James E Mitchell, Walter J Pories, Bruce M Wolfe, Susan Z Yanovski. Surg Obes Relat Dis 2007

Using the outcome for imputation of missing predictor values was preferred.
Karel G M Moons, Rogier A R T Donders, Theo Stijnen, Frank E Harrell. J Clin Epidemiol 2006

Induction of labour for improving birth outcomes for women at or beyond term.
Philippa Middleton, Emily Shepherd, Caroline A Crowther. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2018

Labor Induction versus Expectant Management in Low-Risk Nulliparous Women.
William A Grobman, Madeline M Rice, Uma M Reddy, Alan T N Tita, Robert M Silver, Gail Mallett, Kim Hill, Elizabeth A Thom, Yasser Y El-Sayed, Annette Perez-Delboy,[...]. N Engl J Med 2018

Term elective induction of labour and perinatal outcomes in obese women: retrospective cohort study.
V R Lee, B G Darney, J M Snowden, E K Main, W Gilbert, J Chung, A B Caughey. BJOG 2016

Racial Disparities in Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes and Psychosocial Stress.
William A Grobman, Corette B Parker, Marian Willinger, Deborah A Wing, Robert M Silver, Ronald J Wapner, Hyagriv N Simhan, Samuel Parry, Brian M Mercer, David M Haas,[...]. Obstet Gynecol 2018

Cohort profile: the 45 and up study.
Emily Banks, Sally Redman, Louisa Jorm, Bruce Armstrong, Adrian Bauman, John Beard, Valerie Beral, Julie Byles, Stephen Corbett, Robert Cumming,[...]. Int J Epidemiol 2008

Research electronic data capture (REDCap)--a metadata-driven methodology and workflow process for providing translational research informatics support.
Paul A Harris, Robert Taylor, Robert Thielke, Jonathon Payne, Nathaniel Gonzalez, Jose G Conde. J Biomed Inform 2009

The REDCap consortium: Building an international community of software platform partners.
Paul A Harris, Robert Taylor, Brenda L Minor, Veida Elliott, Michelle Fernandez, Lindsay O'Neal, Laura McLeod, Giovanni Delacqua, Francesco Delacqua, Jacqueline Kirby,[...]. J Biomed Inform 2019

Misperceptions of the norms for the frequency of alcohol and other drug use on college campuses.
H W Perkins, P W Meilman, J S Leichliter, J R Cashin, C A Presley. J Am Coll Health 1999

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