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Erika L Pearce, Matthew C Walsh, Pedro J Cejas, Gretchen M Harms, Hao Shen, Li-San Wang, Russell G Jones, Yongwon Choi. Nature 2009
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Mitochondrial respiratory capacity is a critical regulator of CD8+ T cell memory development.
Gerritje J W van der Windt, Bart Everts, Chih-Hao Chang, Jonathan D Curtis, Tori C Freitas, Eyal Amiel, Edward J Pearce, Erika L Pearce. Immunity 2012

mTOR regulates memory CD8 T-cell differentiation.
Koichi Araki, Alexandra P Turner, Virginia Oliva Shaffer, Shivaprakash Gangappa, Susanne A Keller, Martin F Bachmann, Christian P Larsen, Rafi Ahmed. Nature 2009

Cutting edge: distinct glycolytic and lipid oxidative metabolic programs are essential for effector and regulatory CD4+ T cell subsets.
Ryan D Michalek, Valerie A Gerriets, Sarah R Jacobs, Andrew N Macintyre, Nancie J MacIver, Emily F Mason, Sarah A Sullivan, Amanda G Nichols, Jeffrey C Rathmell. J Immunol 2011

Posttranscriptional control of T cell effector function by aerobic glycolysis.
Chih-Hao Chang, Jonathan D Curtis, Leonard B Maggi, Brandon Faubert, Alejandro V Villarino, David O'Sullivan, Stanley Ching-Cheng Huang, Gerritje J W van der Windt, Julianna Blagih, Jing Qiu,[...]. Cell 2013

Mitochondrial Dynamics Controls T Cell Fate through Metabolic Programming.
Michael D Buck, David O'Sullivan, Ramon I Klein Geltink, Jonathan D Curtis, Chih-Hao Chang, David E Sanin, Jing Qiu, Oliver Kretz, Daniel Braas, Gerritje J W van der Windt,[...]. Cell 2016

HIF1alpha-dependent glycolytic pathway orchestrates a metabolic checkpoint for the differentiation of TH17 and Treg cells.
Lewis Z Shi, Ruoning Wang, Gonghua Huang, Peter Vogel, Geoffrey Neale, Douglas R Green, Hongbo Chi. J Exp Med 2011

Memory CD8(+) T cells use cell-intrinsic lipolysis to support the metabolic programming necessary for development.
David O'Sullivan, Gerritje J W van der Windt, Stanley Ching-Cheng Huang, Jonathan D Curtis, Chih-Hao Chang, Michael D Buck, Jing Qiu, Amber M Smith, Wing Y Lam, Lisa M DiPlato,[...]. Immunity 2014

Metabolic Competition in the Tumor Microenvironment Is a Driver of Cancer Progression.
Chih-Hao Chang, Jing Qiu, David O'Sullivan, Michael D Buck, Takuro Noguchi, Jonathan D Curtis, Qiongyu Chen, Mariel Gindin, Matthew M Gubin, Gerritje J W van der Windt,[...]. Cell 2015

PD-1 alters T-cell metabolic reprogramming by inhibiting glycolysis and promoting lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation.
Nikolaos Patsoukis, Kankana Bardhan, Pranam Chatterjee, Duygu Sari, Bianling Liu, Lauren N Bell, Edward D Karoly, Gordon J Freeman, Victoria Petkova, Pankaj Seth,[...]. Nat Commun 2015

The CD28 signaling pathway regulates glucose metabolism.
Kenneth A Frauwirth, James L Riley, Marian H Harris, Richard V Parry, Jeffrey C Rathmell, David R Plas, Rebecca L Elstrom, Carl H June, Craig B Thompson. Immunity 2002

De novo fatty acid synthesis controls the fate between regulatory T and T helper 17 cells.
Luciana Berod, Christin Friedrich, Amrita Nandan, Jenny Freitag, Stefanie Hagemann, Kirsten Harmrolfs, Aline Sandouk, Christina Hesse, Carla N Castro, Heike Bähre,[...]. Nat Med 2014

The transcription factor Myc controls metabolic reprogramming upon T lymphocyte activation.
Ruoning Wang, Christopher P Dillon, Lewis Zhichang Shi, Sandra Milasta, Robert Carter, David Finkelstein, Laura L McCormick, Patrick Fitzgerald, Hongbo Chi, Joshua Munger,[...]. Immunity 2011

Inhibiting glycolytic metabolism enhances CD8+ T cell memory and antitumor function.
Madhusudhanan Sukumar, Jie Liu, Yun Ji, Murugan Subramanian, Joseph G Crompton, Zhiya Yu, Rahul Roychoudhuri, Douglas C Palmer, Pawel Muranski, Edward D Karoly,[...]. J Clin Invest 2013

L-Arginine Modulates T Cell Metabolism and Enhances Survival and Anti-tumor Activity.
Roger Geiger, Jan C Rieckmann, Tobias Wolf, Camilla Basso, Yuehan Feng, Tobias Fuhrer, Maria Kogadeeva, Paola Picotti, Felix Meissner, Matthias Mann,[...]. Cell 2016

CD8 memory T cells have a bioenergetic advantage that underlies their rapid recall ability.
Gerritje J W van der Windt, David O'Sullivan, Bart Everts, Stanley Ching-Cheng Huang, Michael D Buck, Jonathan D Curtis, Chih-Hao Chang, Amber M Smith, Teresa Ai, Brandon Faubert,[...]. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013

Glutamine uptake and metabolism are coordinately regulated by ERK/MAPK during T lymphocyte activation.
Erikka L Carr, Alina Kelman, Glendon S Wu, Ravindra Gopaul, Emilee Senkevitch, Anahit Aghvanyan, Achmed M Turay, Kenneth A Frauwirth. J Immunol 2010

Phosphoenolpyruvate Is a Metabolic Checkpoint of Anti-tumor T Cell Responses.
Ping-Chih Ho, Jessica Dauz Bihuniak, Andrew N Macintyre, Matthew Staron, Xiaojing Liu, Robert Amezquita, Yao-Chen Tsui, Guoliang Cui, Goran Micevic, Jose C Perales,[...]. Cell 2015

Understanding the Warburg effect: the metabolic requirements of cell proliferation.
Matthew G Vander Heiden, Lewis C Cantley, Craig B Thompson. Science 2009

Hallmarks of cancer: the next generation.
Douglas Hanahan, Robert A Weinberg. Cell 2011

Enhancing CD8+ T Cell Fatty Acid Catabolism within a Metabolically Challenging Tumor Microenvironment Increases the Efficacy of Melanoma Immunotherapy.
Ying Zhang, Raj Kurupati, Ling Liu, Xiang Yang Zhou, Gao Zhang, Abeer Hudaihed, Flavia Filisio, Wynetta Giles-Davis, Xiaowei Xu, Giorgos C Karakousis,[...]. Cancer Cell 2017

Survival of tissue-resident memory T cells requires exogenous lipid uptake and metabolism.
Youdong Pan, Tian Tian, Chang Ook Park, Serena Y Lofftus, Shenglin Mei, Xing Liu, Chi Luo, John T O'Malley, Ahmed Gehad, Jessica E Teague,[...]. Nature 2017

Glutamine blockade induces divergent metabolic programs to overcome tumor immune evasion.
Robert D Leone, Liang Zhao, Judson M Englert, Im-Meng Sun, Min-Hee Oh, Im-Hong Sun, Matthew L Arwood, Ian A Bettencourt, Chirag H Patel, Jiayu Wen,[...]. Science 2019

A guide to immunometabolism for immunologists.
Luke A J O'Neill, Rigel J Kishton, Jeff Rathmell. Nat Rev Immunol 2016

The glucose transporter Glut1 is selectively essential for CD4 T cell activation and effector function.
Andrew N Macintyre, Valerie A Gerriets, Amanda G Nichols, Ryan D Michalek, Michael C Rudolph, Divino Deoliveira, Steven M Anderson, E Dale Abel, Benny J Chen, Laura P Hale,[...]. Cell Metab 2014

Etomoxir Actions on Regulatory and Memory T Cells Are Independent of Cpt1a-Mediated Fatty Acid Oxidation.
Brenda Raud, Dominic G Roy, Ajit S Divakaruni, Tatyana N Tarasenko, Raimo Franke, Eric H Ma, Bozena Samborska, Wei Yuan Hsieh, Alison H Wong, Philipp Stüve,[...]. Cell Metab 2018

Potentiating the antitumour response of CD8(+) T cells by modulating cholesterol metabolism.
Wei Yang, Yibing Bai, Ying Xiong, Jin Zhang, Shuokai Chen, Xiaojun Zheng, Xiangbo Meng, Lunyi Li, Jing Wang, Chenguang Xu,[...]. Nature 2016

Unraveling the Complex Interplay Between T Cell Metabolism and Function.
Ramon I Klein Geltink, Ryan L Kyle, Erika L Pearce. Annu Rev Immunol 2018

Metabolic regulation of T lymphocytes.
Nancie J MacIver, Ryan D Michalek, Jeffrey C Rathmell. Annu Rev Immunol 2013

The energy sensor AMPK regulates T cell metabolic adaptation and effector responses in vivo.
Julianna Blagih, François Coulombe, Emma E Vincent, Fanny Dupuy, Gabriela Galicia-Vázquez, Ekaterina Yurchenko, Thomas C Raissi, Gerritje J W van der Windt, Benoit Viollet, Erika L Pearce,[...]. Immunity 2015

Bioenergetic Insufficiencies Due to Metabolic Alterations Regulated by the Inhibitory Receptor PD-1 Are an Early Driver of CD8(+) T Cell Exhaustion.
Bertram Bengsch, Andy L Johnson, Makoto Kurachi, Pamela M Odorizzi, Kristen E Pauken, John Attanasio, Erietta Stelekati, Laura M McLane, Michael A Paley, Greg M Delgoffe,[...]. Immunity 2016

Cholesterol Induces CD8+ T Cell Exhaustion in the Tumor Microenvironment.
Xingzhe Ma, Enguang Bi, Yong Lu, Pan Su, Chunjian Huang, Lintao Liu, Qiang Wang, Maojie Yang, Matthew F Kalady, Jianfei Qian,[...]. Cell Metab 2019

Fueling immunity: insights into metabolism and lymphocyte function.
Erika L Pearce, Maya C Poffenberger, Chih-Hao Chang, Russell G Jones. Science 2013

IL-7-Induced Glycerol Transport and TAG Synthesis Promotes Memory CD8+ T Cell Longevity.
Guoliang Cui, Matthew M Staron, Simon M Gray, Ping-Chih Ho, Robert A Amezquita, Jingxia Wu, Susan M Kaech. Cell 2015

Glucose uptake is limiting in T cell activation and requires CD28-mediated Akt-dependent and independent pathways.
Sarah R Jacobs, Catherine E Herman, Nancie J Maciver, Jessica A Wofford, Heather L Wieman, Jeremy J Hammen, Jeffrey C Rathmell. J Immunol 2008

The mTOR kinase differentially regulates effector and regulatory T cell lineage commitment.
Greg M Delgoffe, Thomas P Kole, Yan Zheng, Paul E Zarek, Krystal L Matthews, Bo Xiao, Paul F Worley, Sara C Kozma, Jonathan D Powell. Immunity 2009

Inflammatory T cell responses rely on amino acid transporter ASCT2 facilitation of glutamine uptake and mTORC1 kinase activation.
Mako Nakaya, Yichuan Xiao, Xiaofei Zhou, Jae-Hoon Chang, Mikyoung Chang, Xuhong Cheng, Marzenna Blonska, Xin Lin, Shao-Cong Sun. Immunity 2014

Rapid effector function of memory CD8+ T cells requires an immediate-early glycolytic switch.
Patrick M Gubser, Glenn R Bantug, Leyla Razik, Marco Fischer, Sarah Dimeloe, Gideon Hoenger, Bojana Durovic, Annaïse Jauch, Christoph Hess. Nat Immunol 2013

Foxp3 Reprograms T Cell Metabolism to Function in Low-Glucose, High-Lactate Environments.
Alessia Angelin, Luis Gil-de-Gómez, Satinder Dahiya, Jing Jiao, Lili Guo, Matthew H Levine, Zhonglin Wang, William J Quinn, Piotr K Kopinski, Liqing Wang,[...]. Cell Metab 2017

Aerobic glycolysis promotes T helper 1 cell differentiation through an epigenetic mechanism.
Min Peng, Na Yin, Sagar Chhangawala, Ke Xu, Christina S Leslie, Ming O Li. Science 2016

Distinct Regulation of Th17 and Th1 Cell Differentiation by Glutaminase-Dependent Metabolism.
Marc O Johnson, Melissa M Wolf, Matthew Z Madden, Gabriela Andrejeva, Ayaka Sugiura, Diana C Contreras, Damian Maseda, Maria V Liberti, Katelyn Paz, Rigel J Kishton,[...]. Cell 2018

Inhibitory effect of tumor cell-derived lactic acid on human T cells.
Karin Fischer, Petra Hoffmann, Simon Voelkl, Norbert Meidenbauer, Julia Ammer, Matthias Edinger, Eva Gottfried, Sabine Schwarz, Gregor Rothe, Sabine Hoves,[...]. Blood 2007

Serine Is an Essential Metabolite for Effector T Cell Expansion.
Eric H Ma, Glenn Bantug, Takla Griss, Stephanie Condotta, Radia M Johnson, Bozena Samborska, Nello Mainolfi, Vipin Suri, Hannah Guak, Maria L Balmer,[...]. Cell Metab 2017

LDHA-Associated Lactic Acid Production Blunts Tumor Immunosurveillance by T and NK Cells.
Almut Brand, Katrin Singer, Gudrun E Koehl, Marlene Kolitzus, Gabriele Schoenhammer, Annette Thiel, Carina Matos, Christina Bruss, Sebastian Klobuch, Katrin Peter,[...]. Cell Metab 2016

Mitochondria are required for antigen-specific T cell activation through reactive oxygen species signaling.
Laura A Sena, Sha Li, Amit Jairaman, Murali Prakriya, Teresa Ezponda, David A Hildeman, Chyung-Ru Wang, Paul T Schumacker, Jonathan D Licht, Harris Perlman,[...]. Immunity 2013

Functional polarization of tumour-associated macrophages by tumour-derived lactic acid.
Oscar R Colegio, Ngoc-Quynh Chu, Alison L Szabo, Thach Chu, Anne Marie Rhebergen, Vikram Jairam, Nika Cyrus, Carolyn E Brokowski, Stephanie C Eisenbarth, Gillian M Phillips,[...]. Nature 2014

The Tumor Microenvironment Represses T Cell Mitochondrial Biogenesis to Drive Intratumoral T Cell Metabolic Insufficiency and Dysfunction.
Nicole E Scharping, Ashley V Menk, Rebecca S Moreci, Ryan D Whetstone, Rebekah E Dadey, Simon C Watkins, Robert L Ferris, Greg M Delgoffe. Immunity 2016

Metabolic programming and PDHK1 control CD4+ T cell subsets and inflammation.
Valerie A Gerriets, Rigel J Kishton, Amanda G Nichols, Andrew N Macintyre, Makoto Inoue, Olga Ilkayeva, Peter S Winter, Xiaojing Liu, Bhavana Priyadharshini, Marta E Slawinska,[...]. J Clin Invest 2015

Cancer SLC43A2 alters T cell methionine metabolism and histone methylation.
Yingjie Bian, Wei Li, Daniel M Kremer, Peter Sajjakulnukit, Shasha Li, Joel Crespo, Zeribe C Nwosu, Li Zhang, Arkadiusz Czerwonka, Anna Pawłowska,[...]. Nature 2020

Mitochondrial Priming by CD28.
Ramon I Klein Geltink, David O'Sullivan, Mauro Corrado, Anna Bremser, Michael D Buck, Joerg M Buescher, Elke Firat, Xuekai Zhu, Gabriele Niedermann, George Caputa,[...]. Cell 2017

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