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Cole Trapnell, Brian A Williams, Geo Pertea, Ali Mortazavi, Gordon Kwan, Marijke J van Baren, Steven L Salzberg, Barbara J Wold, Lior Pachter. Nat Biotechnol 2010
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HISAT: a fast spliced aligner with low memory requirements.
Daehwan Kim, Ben Langmead, Steven L Salzberg. Nat Methods 2015

TopHat: discovering splice junctions with RNA-Seq.
Cole Trapnell, Lior Pachter, Steven L Salzberg. Bioinformatics 2009

edgeR: a Bioconductor package for differential expression analysis of digital gene expression data.
Mark D Robinson, Davis J McCarthy, Gordon K Smyth. Bioinformatics 2010

TopHat2: accurate alignment of transcriptomes in the presence of insertions, deletions and gene fusions.
Daehwan Kim, Geo Pertea, Cole Trapnell, Harold Pimentel, Ryan Kelley, Steven L Salzberg. Genome Biol 2013

Fast gapped-read alignment with Bowtie 2.
Ben Langmead, Steven L Salzberg. Nat Methods 2012

Differential gene and transcript expression analysis of RNA-seq experiments with TopHat and Cufflinks.
Cole Trapnell, Adam Roberts, Loyal Goff, Geo Pertea, Daehwan Kim, David R Kelley, Harold Pimentel, Steven L Salzberg, John L Rinn, Lior Pachter. Nat Protoc 2012

Moderated estimation of fold change and dispersion for RNA-seq data with DESeq2.
Michael I Love, Wolfgang Huber, Simon Anders. Genome Biol 2014

Full-length transcriptome assembly from RNA-Seq data without a reference genome.
Manfred G Grabherr, Brian J Haas, Moran Yassour, Joshua Z Levin, Dawn A Thompson, Ido Amit, Xian Adiconis, Lin Fan, Raktima Raychowdhury, Qiandong Zeng,[...]. Nat Biotechnol 2011

CPC: assess the protein-coding potential of transcripts using sequence features and support vector machine.
Lei Kong, Yong Zhang, Zhi-Qiang Ye, Xiao-Qiao Liu, Shu-Qi Zhao, Liping Wei, Ge Gao. Nucleic Acids Res 2007

Basic local alignment search tool.
S F Altschul, W Gish, W Miller, E W Myers, D J Lipman. J Mol Biol 1990

StringTie enables improved reconstruction of a transcriptome from RNA-seq reads.
Mihaela Pertea, Geo M Pertea, Corina M Antonescu, Tsung-Cheng Chang, Joshua T Mendell, Steven L Salzberg. Nat Biotechnol 2015

Trimmomatic: a flexible trimmer for Illumina sequence data.
Anthony M Bolger, Marc Lohse, Bjoern Usadel. Bioinformatics 2014

STAR: ultrafast universal RNA-seq aligner.
Alexander Dobin, Carrie A Davis, Felix Schlesinger, Jorg Drenkow, Chris Zaleski, Sonali Jha, Philippe Batut, Mark Chaisson, Thomas R Gingeras. Bioinformatics 2013

Analyzing real-time PCR data by the comparative C(T) method.
Thomas D Schmittgen, Kenneth J Livak. Nat Protoc 2008

KOBAS 2.0: a web server for annotation and identification of enriched pathways and diseases.
Chen Xie, Xizeng Mao, Jiaju Huang, Yang Ding, Jianmin Wu, Shan Dong, Lei Kong, Ge Gao, Chuan-Yun Li, Liping Wei. Nucleic Acids Res 2011

Cytoscape: a software environment for integrated models of biomolecular interaction networks.
Paul Shannon, Andrew Markiel, Owen Ozier, Nitin S Baliga, Jonathan T Wang, Daniel Ramage, Nada Amin, Benno Schwikowski, Trey Ideker. Genome Res 2003

The Sequence Alignment/Map format and SAMtools.
Heng Li, Bob Handsaker, Alec Wysoker, Tim Fennell, Jue Ruan, Nils Homer, Gabor Marth, Goncalo Abecasis, Richard Durbin. Bioinformatics 2009

Gene ontology analysis for RNA-seq: accounting for selection bias.
Matthew D Young, Matthew J Wakefield, Gordon K Smyth, Alicia Oshlack. Genome Biol 2010

Blast2GO: a universal tool for annotation, visualization and analysis in functional genomics research.
Ana Conesa, Stefan Götz, Juan Miguel García-Gómez, Javier Terol, Manuel Talón, Montserrat Robles. Bioinformatics 2005

Utilizing sequence intrinsic composition to classify protein-coding and long non-coding transcripts.
Liang Sun, Haitao Luo, Dechao Bu, Guoguang Zhao, Kuntao Yu, Changhai Zhang, Yuanning Liu, Runsheng Chen, Yi Zhao. Nucleic Acids Res 2013

Model-based analysis of ChIP-Seq (MACS).
Yong Zhang, Tao Liu, Clifford A Meyer, Jérôme Eeckhoute, David S Johnson, Bradley E Bernstein, Chad Nusbaum, Richard M Myers, Myles Brown, Wei Li,[...]. Genome Biol 2008

Ultrafast and memory-efficient alignment of short DNA sequences to the human genome.
Ben Langmead, Cole Trapnell, Mihai Pop, Steven L Salzberg. Genome Biol 2009

Simple combinations of lineage-determining transcription factors prime cis-regulatory elements required for macrophage and B cell identities.
Sven Heinz, Christopher Benner, Nathanael Spann, Eric Bertolino, Yin C Lin, Peter Laslo, Jason X Cheng, Cornelis Murre, Harinder Singh, Christopher K Glass. Mol Cell 2010

BUSCO: assessing genome assembly and annotation completeness with single-copy orthologs.
Felipe A Simão, Robert M Waterhouse, Panagiotis Ioannidis, Evgenia V Kriventseva, Evgeny M Zdobnov. Bioinformatics 2015

Circos: an information aesthetic for comparative genomics.
Martin Krzywinski, Jacqueline Schein, Inanç Birol, Joseph Connors, Randy Gascoyne, Doug Horsman, Steven J Jones, Marco A Marra. Genome Res 2009

clusterProfiler: an R package for comparing biological themes among gene clusters.
Guangchuang Yu, Li-Gen Wang, Yanyan Han, Qing-Yu He. OMICS 2012

HTSeq--a Python framework to work with high-throughput sequencing data.
Simon Anders, Paul Theodor Pyl, Wolfgang Huber. Bioinformatics 2015

Transcript-level expression analysis of RNA-seq experiments with HISAT, StringTie and Ballgown.
Mihaela Pertea, Daehwan Kim, Geo M Pertea, Jeffrey T Leek, Steven L Salzberg. Nat Protoc 2016

KEGG for linking genomes to life and the environment.
Minoru Kanehisa, Michihiro Araki, Susumu Goto, Masahiro Hattori, Mika Hirakawa, Masumi Itoh, Toshiaki Katayama, Shuichi Kawashima, Shujiro Okuda, Toshiaki Tokimatsu,[...]. Nucleic Acids Res 2008

Differential expression analysis for sequence count data.
Simon Anders, Wolfgang Huber. Genome Biol 2010

The Pfam protein families database.
Marco Punta, Penny C Coggill, Ruth Y Eberhardt, Jaina Mistry, John Tate, Chris Boursnell, Ningze Pang, Kristoffer Forslund, Goran Ceric, Jody Clements,[...]. Nucleic Acids Res 2012

Canu: scalable and accurate long-read assembly via adaptive k-mer weighting and repeat separation.
Sergey Koren, Brian P Walenz, Konstantin Berlin, Jason R Miller, Nicholas H Bergman, Adam M Phillippy. Genome Res 2017

CAFE: a computational tool for the study of gene family evolution.
Tijl De Bie, Nello Cristianini, Jeffery P Demuth, Matthew W Hahn. Bioinformatics 2006

OrthoMCL: identification of ortholog groups for eukaryotic genomes.
Li Li, Christian J Stoeckert, David S Roos. Genome Res 2003

Pilon: an integrated tool for comprehensive microbial variant detection and genome assembly improvement.
Bruce J Walker, Thomas Abeel, Terrance Shea, Margaret Priest, Amr Abouelliel, Sharadha Sakthikumar, Christina A Cuomo, Qiandong Zeng, Jennifer Wortman, Sarah K Young,[...]. PLoS One 2014

DEGseq: an R package for identifying differentially expressed genes from RNA-seq data.
Likun Wang, Zhixing Feng, Xi Wang, Xiaowo Wang, Xuegong Zhang. Bioinformatics 2010

The oyster genome reveals stress adaptation and complexity of shell formation.
Guofan Zhang, Xiaodong Fang, Ximing Guo, Li Li, Ruibang Luo, Fei Xu, Pengcheng Yang, Linlin Zhang, Xiaotong Wang, Haigang Qi,[...]. Nature 2012

Root cortical aerenchyma improves the drought tolerance of maize (Zea mays L.).
Jinming Zhu, Kathleen M Brown, Jonathan P Lynch. Plant Cell Environ 2010

CPC2: a fast and accurate coding potential calculator based on sequence intrinsic features.
Yu-Jian Kang, De-Chang Yang, Lei Kong, Mei Hou, Yu-Qi Meng, Liping Wei, Ge Gao. Nucleic Acids Res 2017

Genome regulation by long noncoding RNAs.
John L Rinn, Howard Y Chang. Annu Rev Biochem 2012

On the classification of long non-coding RNAs.
Lina Ma, Vladimir B Bajic, Zhang Zhang. RNA Biol 2013

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