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Emad A Rakha, Andrew H S Lee, Jacquie A Jenkins, Alison E Murphy, Lisa J Hamilton, Ian O Ellis. Int J Cancer 2011
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Outcome of breast lesions diagnosed as lesion of uncertain malignant potential (B3) or suspicious of malignancy (B4) on needle core biopsy, including detailed review of epithelial atypia.
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Lesions with unclear malignant potential (B3) after minimally invasive breast biopsy: evaluation of vacuum biopsies performed in Switzerland and recommended further management.
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Screen-detected breast lesions with an indeterminate (B3) core needle biopsy should be excised.
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Flat epithelial atypia is a common subtype of B3 breast lesions and is associated with noninvasive cancer but not with invasive cancer in final excision histology.
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Radial Scar at Image-guided Needle Biopsy: Is Excision Necessary?
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Tehillah S Menes, Robert Rosenberg, Steven Balch, Shabnam Jaffer, Karla Kerlikowske, Diana L Miglioretti. Am J Surg 2014

Management of flat epithelial atypia on breast core biopsy may be individualized based on correlation with imaging studies.
Benjamin C Calhoun, Amy Sobel, Richard L White, Matt Gromet, Teresa Flippo, Terry Sarantou, Chad A Livasy. Mod Pathol 2015

Current management of lesions associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.
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Role of breast MR imaging for predicting malignancy of histologically borderline lesions diagnosed at core needle biopsy: prospective evaluation.
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Vacuum-assisted excision of breast lesions of uncertain malignant potential (B3) - an alternative to surgery in selected cases.
S L Tennant, A Evans, L J Hamilton, J James, A H S Lee, Z Hodi, I O Ellis, E A Rakha, A R M Wilson. Breast 2008

Minimal invasive biopsy results of "uncertain malignant potential" in digital mammography screening: high prevalence but also high predictive value for malignancy.
S Weigel, T Decker, E Korsching, C Biesheuvel, A Wöstmann, W Böcker, D Hungermann, K Roterberg, J Tio, W Heindel. Rofo 2011

Audit of performance of needle core biopsy diagnoses of screen detected breast lesions.
Maysa E El-Sayed, Emad A Rakha, Jacquie Reed, Andrew Hs Lee, Andrew J Evans, Ian O Ellis. Eur J Cancer 2008

Breast core biopsy reporting categories--An internal validation in a series of 3054 consecutive lesions.
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Rates of upgrade to malignancy for 271 cases of flat epithelial atypia (FEA) diagnosed by breast core biopsy.
Alexandre Peres, Emmanuel Barranger, Véronique Becette, Alain Boudinet, Jean-Marc Guinebretiere, Pascal Cherel. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2012

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