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Victor Appay, Solène Fastenackels, Christine Katlama, Hocine Ait-Mohand, Luminita Schneider, Amélie Guihot, Michael Keller, Beatrix Grubeck-Loebenstein, Anne Simon, Olivier Lambotte, Peter W Hunt, Steven G Deeks, Dominique Costagliola, Brigitte Autran, Delphine Sauce. AIDS 2011
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Valganciclovir reduces T cell activation in HIV-infected individuals with incomplete CD4+ T cell recovery on antiretroviral therapy.
Peter W Hunt, Jeffrey N Martin, Elizabeth Sinclair, Lorrie Epling, Juli Teague, Mark A Jacobson, Russell P Tracy, Lawrence Corey, Steven G Deeks. J Infect Dis 2011

Increased carotid intima-media thickness in HIV patients is associated with increased cytomegalovirus-specific T-cell responses.
Priscilla Y Hsue, Peter W Hunt, Elizabeth Sinclair, Barry Bredt, Arlana Franklin, Maudi Killian, Rebecca Hoh, Jeffrey N Martin, Joseph M McCune, David D Waters,[...]. AIDS 2006

Microbial translocation is a cause of systemic immune activation in chronic HIV infection.
Jason M Brenchley, David A Price, Timothy W Schacker, Tedi E Asher, Guido Silvestri, Srinivas Rao, Zachary Kazzaz, Ethan Bornstein, Olivier Lambotte, Daniel Altmann,[...]. Nat Med 2006

Cytomegalovirus-specific T cells persist at very high levels during long-term antiretroviral treatment of HIV disease.
David M Naeger, Jeffrey N Martin, Elizabeth Sinclair, Peter W Hunt, David R Bangsberg, Frederick Hecht, Priscilla Hsue, Joseph M McCune, Steven G Deeks. PLoS One 2010

Cytomegalovirus immunoglobulin G antibody is associated with subclinical carotid artery disease among HIV-infected women.
Christina M Parrinello, Elizabeth Sinclair, Alan L Landay, Nell Lurain, A Richey Sharrett, Stephen J Gange, Xiaonan Xue, Peter W Hunt, Steven G Deeks, Howard N Hodis,[...]. J Infect Dis 2012

Expression of CD57 defines replicative senescence and antigen-induced apoptotic death of CD8+ T cells.
Jason M Brenchley, Nitin J Karandikar, Michael R Betts, David R Ambrozak, Brenna J Hill, Laura E Crotty, Joseph P Casazza, Janaki Kuruppu, Stephen A Migueles, Mark Connors,[...]. Blood 2003

Broadly targeted human cytomegalovirus-specific CD4+ and CD8+ T cells dominate the memory compartments of exposed subjects.
Andrew W Sylwester, Bridget L Mitchell, John B Edgar, Cara Taormina, Christian Pelte, Franziska Ruchti, Paul R Sleath, Kenneth H Grabstein, Nancy A Hosken, Florian Kern,[...]. J Exp Med 2005

Immune activation and CD8+ T-cell differentiation towards senescence in HIV-1 infection.
Laura Papagno, Celsa A Spina, Arnaud Marchant, Mariolina Salio, Nathalie Rufer, Susan Little, Tao Dong, Gillian Chesney, Anele Waters, Philippa Easterbrook,[...]. PLoS Biol 2004

HIV disease progression despite suppression of viral replication is associated with exhaustion of lymphopoiesis.
Delphine Sauce, Martin Larsen, Solène Fastenackels, Michèle Pauchard, Hocine Ait-Mohand, Luminita Schneider, Amélie Guihot, Faroudy Boufassa, John Zaunders, Malika Iguertsira,[...]. Blood 2011

HIV-infected individuals with low CD4/CD8 ratio despite effective antiretroviral therapy exhibit altered T cell subsets, heightened CD8+ T cell activation, and increased risk of non-AIDS morbidity and mortality.
Sergio Serrano-Villar, Talia Sainz, Sulggi A Lee, Peter W Hunt, Elizabeth Sinclair, Barbara L Shacklett, April L Ferre, Timothy L Hayes, Ma Somsouk, Priscilla Y Hsue,[...]. PLoS Pathog 2014

Cytomegalovirus coinfection is associated with an increased risk of severe non-AIDS-defining events in a large cohort of HIV-infected patients.
Miriam Lichtner, Paola Cicconi, Serena Vita, Alessandro Cozzi-Lepri, Massimo Galli, Sergio Lo Caputo, Annalisa Saracino, Andrea De Luca, Mariacristina Moioli, Franco Maggiolo,[...]. J Infect Dis 2015

CD8 T-Cell Expansion and Inflammation Linked to CMV Coinfection in ART-treated HIV Infection.
Michael L Freeman, Joseph C Mudd, Carey L Shive, Souheil-Antoine Younes, Soumya Panigrahi, Scott F Sieg, Sulggi A Lee, Peter W Hunt, Leonard H Calabrese, Sara Gianella,[...]. Clin Infect Dis 2016

T cell activation and senescence predict subclinical carotid artery disease in HIV-infected women.
Robert C Kaplan, Elizabeth Sinclair, Alan L Landay, Nell Lurain, A Richey Sharrett, Stephen J Gange, Xiaonan Xue, Peter Hunt, Roksana Karim, David M Kern,[...]. J Infect Dis 2011

Plasma levels of soluble CD14 independently predict mortality in HIV infection.
Netanya G Sandler, Handan Wand, Annelys Roque, Matthew Law, Martha C Nason, Daniel E Nixon, Court Pedersen, Kiat Ruxrungtham, Sharon R Lewin, Sean Emery,[...]. J Infect Dis 2011

T cell activation is associated with lower CD4+ T cell gains in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients with sustained viral suppression during antiretroviral therapy.
Peter W Hunt, Jeffrey N Martin, Elizabeth Sinclair, Barry Bredt, Elilta Hagos, Harry Lampiris, Steven G Deeks. J Infect Dis 2003

Impact of HIV on CD8+ T cell CD57 expression is distinct from that of CMV and aging.
Sulggi A Lee, Elizabeth Sinclair, Hiroyu Hatano, Priscilla Y Hsue, Lorrie Epling, Frederick M Hecht, David R Bangsberg, Jeffrey N Martin, Joseph M McCune, Steven G Deeks,[...]. PLoS One 2014

Premature age-related comorbidities among HIV-infected persons compared with the general population.
Giovanni Guaraldi, Gabriella Orlando, Stefano Zona, Marianna Menozzi, Federica Carli, Elisa Garlassi, Alessandra Berti, Elisa Rossi, Alberto Roverato, Frank Palella. Clin Infect Dis 2011

Accelerated immune senescence and HIV-1 infection.
Victor Appay, Jorge R Almeida, Delphine Sauce, Brigitte Autran, Laura Papagno. Exp Gerontol 2007

Plasma levels of bacterial DNA correlate with immune activation and the magnitude of immune restoration in persons with antiretroviral-treated HIV infection.
Wei Jiang, Michael M Lederman, Peter Hunt, Scott F Sieg, Kathryn Haley, Benigno Rodriguez, Alan Landay, Jeffrey Martin, Elizabeth Sinclair, Ava I Asher,[...]. J Infect Dis 2009

CD4 T-cell hyperactivation and susceptibility to cell death determine poor CD4 T-cell recovery during suppressive HAART.
Marta Massanella, Eugenia Negredo, Nuria Pérez-Alvarez, Jordi Puig, Raul Ruiz-Hernández, Margarita Bofill, Bonaventura Clotet, Julià Blanco. AIDS 2010

T-Cell Activation Independently Associates With Immune Senescence in HIV-Infected Recipients of Long-term Antiretroviral Treatment.
Viviana Cobos Jiménez, Ferdinand W N M Wit, Maaike Joerink, Irma Maurer, Agnes M Harskamp, Judith Schouten, Maria Prins, Ester M M van Leeuwen, Thijs Booiman, Steven G Deeks,[...]. J Infect Dis 2016

Immunologic failure despite suppressive antiretroviral therapy is related to activation and turnover of memory CD4 cells.
Michael M Lederman, Leonard Calabrese, Nicholas T Funderburg, Brian Clagett, Kathy Medvik, Hector Bonilla, Barbara Gripshover, Robert A Salata, Alan Taege, Michelle Lisgaris,[...]. J Infect Dis 2011

Nadir CD4 T cell count as predictor and high CD4 T cell intrinsic apoptosis as final mechanism of poor CD4 T cell recovery in virologically suppressed HIV-infected patients: clinical implications.
Eugènia Negredo, Marta Massanella, Jordi Puig, Núria Pérez-Alvarez, José Miguel Gallego-Escuredo, Joan Villarroya, Francesc Villarroya, José Moltó, José Ramón Santos, Bonaventura Clotet,[...]. Clin Infect Dis 2010

Immunosenescence and HIV.
Steven G Deeks, Eric Verdin, Joseph M McCune. Curr Opin Immunol 2012

Seropositivity to cytomegalovirus, inflammation, all-cause and cardiovascular disease-related mortality in the United States.
Amanda M Simanek, Jennifer Beam Dowd, Graham Pawelec, David Melzer, Ambarish Dutta, Allison E Aiello. PLoS One 2011

Inflammatory and coagulation biomarkers and mortality in patients with HIV infection.
Lewis H Kuller, Russell Tracy, Waldo Belloso, Stephane De Wit, Fraser Drummond, H Clifford Lane, Bruno Ledergerber, Jens Lundgren, Jacqueline Neuhaus, Daniel Nixon,[...]. PLoS Med 2008

Evidence of premature immune aging in patients thymectomized during early childhood.
Delphine Sauce, Martin Larsen, Solène Fastenackels, Anne Duperrier, Michael Keller, Beatrix Grubeck-Loebenstein, Christophe Ferrand, Patrice Debré, Daniel Sidi, Victor Appay. J Clin Invest 2009

Changes in thymic function with age and during the treatment of HIV infection.
D C Douek, R D McFarland, P H Keiser, E A Gage, J M Massey, B F Haynes, M A Polis, A T Haase, M B Feinberg, J L Sullivan,[...]. Nature 1998

Memory CD8+ T cells vary in differentiation phenotype in different persistent virus infections.
Victor Appay, P Rod Dunbar, Margaret Callan, Paul Klenerman, Geraldine M A Gillespie, Laura Papagno, Graham S Ogg, Abigail King, Franziska Lechner, Celsa A Spina,[...]. Nat Med 2002

HIV and inflammation: mechanisms and consequences.
Peter W Hunt. Curr HIV/AIDS Rep 2012

Incomplete peripheral CD4+ cell count restoration in HIV-infected patients receiving long-term antiretroviral treatment.
Colleen F Kelley, Christina M R Kitchen, Peter W Hunt, Benigno Rodriguez, Frederick M Hecht, Mari Kitahata, Heide M Crane, James Willig, Michael Mugavero, Michael Saag,[...]. Clin Infect Dis 2009

Low proportions of CD28- CD8+ T cells expressing CD57 can be reversed by early ART initiation and predict mortality in treated HIV infection.
Sulggi A Lee, Elizabeth Sinclair, Vivek Jain, Yong Huang, Lorrie Epling, Mark Van Natta, Curtis L Meinert, Jeffrey N Martin, Joseph M McCune, Steven G Deeks,[...]. J Infect Dis 2014

Cytomegalovirus seropositivity drives the CD8 T cell repertoire toward greater clonality in healthy elderly individuals.
Naeem Khan, Naseer Shariff, Mark Cobbold, Rachel Bruton, Jenni A Ainsworth, Alan J Sinclair, Laxman Nayak, Paul A H Moss. J Immunol 2002

Early immune senescence in HIV disease.
Seema Desai, Alan Landay. Curr HIV/AIDS Rep 2010

Reduced thymic output is a major mechanism of immune reconstitution failure in HIV-infected patients after long-term antiretroviral therapy.
Taisheng Li, Ning Wu, Yi Dai, Zhifeng Qiu, Yang Han, Jing Xie, Ting Zhu, Yanling Li. Clin Infect Dis 2011

Longitudinal studies of clonally expanded CD8 T cells reveal a repertoire shrinkage predicting mortality and an increased number of dysfunctional cytomegalovirus-specific T cells in the very elderly.
Sine Reker Hadrup, Jan Strindhall, Tania Køllgaard, Tina Seremet, Boo Johansson, Graham Pawelec, Per thor Straten, Anders Wikby. J Immunol 2006

T cell activation predicts carotid artery stiffness among HIV-infected women.
Robert C Kaplan, Elizabeth Sinclair, Alan L Landay, Nell Lurain, A Richey Sharrett, Stephen J Gange, Xiaonan Xue, Christina M Parrinello, Peter Hunt, Steven G Deeks,[...]. Atherosclerosis 2011

Cytomegalovirus antibody levels, inflammation, and mortality among elderly Latinos over 9 years of follow-up.
Eric T Roberts, Mary N Haan, Jennifer Beam Dowd, Allison E Aiello. Am J Epidemiol 2010

Virologic correlates of anti-CMV IgG levels in HIV-1-infected men.
Sara Gianella, Sheldon R Morris, Erick Tatro, Milenka V Vargas, Richard H Haubrich, Eric S Daar, Michael P Dube, Douglas D Richman, Susan J Little, Davey M Smith. J Infect Dis 2014

HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders persist in the era of potent antiretroviral therapy: CHARTER Study.
R K Heaton, D B Clifford, D R Franklin, S P Woods, C Ake, F Vaida, R J Ellis, S L Letendre, T D Marcotte, J H Atkinson,[...]. Neurology 2010

Relationship between T cell activation and CD4+ T cell count in HIV-seropositive individuals with undetectable plasma HIV RNA levels in the absence of therapy.
Peter W Hunt, Jason Brenchley, Elizabeth Sinclair, Joseph M McCune, Michelle Roland, Kimberly Page-Shafer, Priscilla Hsue, Brinda Emu, Melissa Krone, Harry Lampiris,[...]. J Infect Dis 2008

Comparative analysis of T-cell turnover and homeostatic parameters in HIV-infected patients with discordant immune-virological responses to HAART.
Giulia Marchetti, Andrea Gori, Anna Casabianca, Mauro Magnani, Fabio Franzetti, Mario Clerici, Carlo-Federico Perno, Antonella d'Arminio Monforte, Massimo Galli, Luca Meroni. AIDS 2006

Hydroxychloroquine drastically reduces immune activation in HIV-infected, antiretroviral therapy-treated immunologic nonresponders.
Stefania Piconi, Serena Parisotto, Giuliano Rizzardini, Simone Passerini, Roberta Terzi, Barbara Argenteri, Paola Meraviglia, Amedeo Capetti, Mara Biasin, Daria Trabattoni,[...]. Blood 2011

Immune activation set point during early HIV infection predicts subsequent CD4+ T-cell changes independent of viral load.
Steven G Deeks, Christina M R Kitchen, Lea Liu, Hua Guo, Ron Gascon, Amy B Narváez, Peter Hunt, Jeffrey N Martin, James O Kahn, Jay Levy,[...]. Blood 2004

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