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Martin Reuter, Nicholas J Schmansky, H Diana Rosas, Bruce Fischl. Neuroimage 2012
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Whole brain segmentation: automated labeling of neuroanatomical structures in the human brain.
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An automated labeling system for subdividing the human cerebral cortex on MRI scans into gyral based regions of interest.
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Bruce Fischl. Neuroimage 2012

A hybrid approach to the skull stripping problem in MRI.
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A computational atlas of the hippocampal formation using ex vivo, ultra-high resolution MRI: Application to adaptive segmentation of in vivo MRI.
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Geometrically accurate topology-correction of cortical surfaces using nonseparating loops.
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A nonparametric method for automatic correction of intensity nonuniformity in MRI data.
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Head motion during MRI acquisition reduces gray matter volume and thickness estimates.
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Bayesian longitudinal segmentation of hippocampal substructures in brain MRI using subject-specific atlases.
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The Montreal Cognitive Assessment, MoCA: a brief screening tool for mild cognitive impairment.
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How does your cortex grow?
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The Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study: Imaging acquisition across 21 sites.
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The minimal preprocessing pipelines for the Human Connectome Project.
Matthew F Glasser, Stamatios N Sotiropoulos, J Anthony Wilson, Timothy S Coalson, Bruce Fischl, Jesper L Andersson, Junqian Xu, Saad Jbabdi, Matthew Webster, Jonathan R Polimeni,[...]. Neuroimage 2013

Permutation inference for the general linear model.
Anderson M Winkler, Gerard R Ridgway, Matthew A Webster, Stephen M Smith, Thomas E Nichols. Neuroimage 2014

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