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Global cancer statistics 2018: GLOBOCAN estimates of incidence and mortality worldwide for 36 cancers in 185 countries.
Freddie Bray, Jacques Ferlay, Isabelle Soerjomataram, Rebecca L Siegel, Lindsey A Torre, Ahmedin Jemal. CA Cancer J Clin 2018

Global Cancer Statistics 2020: GLOBOCAN Estimates of Incidence and Mortality Worldwide for 36 Cancers in 185 Countries.
Hyuna Sung, Jacques Ferlay, Rebecca L Siegel, Mathieu Laversanne, Isabelle Soerjomataram, Ahmedin Jemal, Freddie Bray. CA Cancer J Clin 2021

Risks and benefits of estrogen plus progestin in healthy postmenopausal women: principal results From the Women's Health Initiative randomized controlled trial.
Jacques E Rossouw, Garnet L Anderson, Ross L Prentice, Andrea Z LaCroix, Charles Kooperberg, Marcia L Stefanick, Rebecca D Jackson, Shirley A A Beresford, Barbara V Howard, Karen C Johnson,[...]. JAMA 2002

Genomic analyses identify hundreds of variants associated with age at menarche and support a role for puberty timing in cancer risk.
Felix R Day, Deborah J Thompson, Hannes Helgason, Daniel I Chasman, Hilary Finucane, Patrick Sulem, Katherine S Ruth, Sean Whalen, Abhishek K Sarkar, Eva Albrecht,[...]. Nat Genet 2017

Early age at menarche associated with cardiovascular disease and mortality.
Rajalakshmi Lakshman, Nita G Forouhi, Stephen J Sharp, Robert Luben, Sheila A Bingham, Kay-Tee Khaw, Nicholas J Wareham, Ken K Ong. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 2009

Risk factors for breast cancer for women aged 40 to 49 years: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Heidi D Nelson, Bernadette Zakher, Amy Cantor, Rongwei Fu, Jessica Griffin, Ellen S O'Meara, Diana S M Buist, Karla Kerlikowske, Nicolien T van Ravesteyn, Amy Trentham-Dietz,[...]. Ann Intern Med 2012

Sex hormones and risk of breast cancer in premenopausal women: a collaborative reanalysis of individual participant data from seven prospective studies.
T J Key, P N Appleby, G K Reeves, R C Travis, A J Alberg, A Barricarte, F Berrino, V Krogh, S Sieri, L A Brinton,[...]. Lancet Oncol 2013

Age at menarche and risks of all-cause and cardiovascular death: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
Dimitrios Charalampopoulos, Andrew McLoughlin, Cathy E Elks, Ken K Ong. Am J Epidemiol 2014

Mammographic density and the risk and detection of breast cancer.
Norman F Boyd, Helen Guo, Lisa J Martin, Limei Sun, Jennifer Stone, Eve Fishell, Roberta A Jong, Greg Hislop, Anna Chiarelli, Salomon Minkin,[...]. N Engl J Med 2007

Association of Body Mass Index and Age With Subsequent Breast Cancer Risk in Premenopausal Women.
Minouk J Schoemaker, Hazel B Nichols, Lauren B Wright, Mark N Brook, Michael E Jones, Katie M O'Brien, Hans-Olov Adami, Laura Baglietto, Leslie Bernstein, Kimberly A Bertrand,[...]. JAMA Oncol 2018

Nongenetic determinants of age at menarche: a systematic review.
Anna Yermachenko, Volodymyr Dvornyk. Biomed Res Int 2014

Age at menarche and risks of coronary heart and other vascular diseases in a large UK cohort.
Dexter Canoy, Valerie Beral, Angela Balkwill, F Lucy Wright, Mary E Kroll, Gillian K Reeves, Jane Green, Benjamin J Cairns. Circulation 2015

American Cancer Society guidelines for breast screening with MRI as an adjunct to mammography.
Debbie Saslow, Carla Boetes, Wylie Burke, Steven Harms, Martin O Leach, Constance D Lehman, Elizabeth Morris, Etta Pisano, Mitchell Schnall, Stephen Sener,[...]. CA Cancer J Clin 2007

Breastfeeding and Breast Cancer Risk Reduction: Implications for Black Mothers.
Erica H Anstey, Meredith L Shoemaker, Chloe M Barrera, Mary Elizabeth O'Neil, Ashley B Verma, Dawn M Holman. Am J Prev Med 2017

Breast Cancer Risk After Recent Childbirth: A Pooled Analysis of 15 Prospective Studies.
Hazel B Nichols, Minouk J Schoemaker, Jianwen Cai, Jiawei Xu, Lauren B Wright, Mark N Brook, Michael E Jones, Hans-Olov Adami, Laura Baglietto, Kimberly A Bertrand,[...]. Ann Intern Med 2019

Alcohol, tobacco and breast cancer--collaborative reanalysis of individual data from 53 epidemiological studies, including 58,515 women with breast cancer and 95,067 women without the disease.
N Hamajima, K Hirose, K Tajima, T Rohan, E E Calle, C W Heath, R J Coates, J M Liff, R Talamini, N Chantarakul,[...]. Br J Cancer 2002

The timing of the age at which natural menopause occurs.
Ellen B Gold. Obstet Gynecol Clin North Am 2011

Age at menarche and type 2 diabetes risk: the EPIC-InterAct study.
Cathy E Elks, Ken K Ong, Robert A Scott, Yvonne T van der Schouw, Judith S Brand, Petra A Wark, Pilar Amiano, Beverley Balkau, Aurelio Barricarte, Heiner Boeing,[...]. Diabetes Care 2013

Relation of childhood diet and body size to menarche and adolescent growth in girls.
C S Berkey, J D Gardner, A L Frazier, G A Colditz. Am J Epidemiol 2000

The relation of menarcheal age to obesity in childhood and adulthood: the Bogalusa heart study.
David S Freedman, Laura Kettel Khan, Mary K Serdula, William H Dietz, Sathanur R Srinivasan, Gerald S Berenson. BMC Pediatr 2003

Parent-of-origin-specific allelic associations among 106 genomic loci for age at menarche.
John Rb Perry, Felix Day, Cathy E Elks, Patrick Sulem, Deborah J Thompson, Teresa Ferreira, Chunyan He, Daniel I Chasman, Tõnu Esko, Gudmar Thorleifsson,[...]. Nature 2014

Polygenic Risk Scores for Prediction of Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Subtypes.
Nasim Mavaddat, Kyriaki Michailidou, Joe Dennis, Michael Lush, Laura Fachal, Andrew Lee, Jonathan P Tyrer, Ting-Huei Chen, Qin Wang, Manjeet K Bolla,[...]. Am J Hum Genet 2019

A comparative study of pre- and post-menopausal breast cancer: Risk factors, presentation, characteristics and management.
Aruna Surakasula, Govardhana Chary Nagarjunapu, K V Raghavaiah. J Res Pharm Pract 2014

Contemporary Hormonal Contraception and the Risk of Breast Cancer.
Lina S Mørch, Charlotte W Skovlund, Philip C Hannaford, Lisa Iversen, Shona Fielding, Øjvind Lidegaard. N Engl J Med 2017

Alcohol consumption and breast cancer risk by estrogen receptor status: in a pooled analysis of 20 studies.
Seungyoun Jung, Molin Wang, Kristin Anderson, Laura Baglietto, Leif Bergkvist, Leslie Bernstein, Piet A van den Brandt, Louise Brinton, Julie E Buring, A Heather Eliassen,[...]. Int J Epidemiol 2016

Circulating sex hormones and breast cancer risk factors in postmenopausal women: reanalysis of 13 studies.
T J Key, P N Appleby, G K Reeves, A W Roddam, K J Helzlsouer, A J Alberg, D E Rollison, J F Dorgan, L A Brinton, K Overvad,[...]. Br J Cancer 2011

Molecular portraits of human breast tumours.
C M Perou, T Sørlie, M B Eisen, M van de Rijn, S S Jeffrey, C A Rees, J R Pollack, D T Ross, H Johnsen, L A Akslen,[...]. Nature 2000

Cost-effectiveness and Benefit-to-Harm Ratio of Risk-Stratified Screening for Breast Cancer: A Life-Table Model.
Nora Pashayan, Steve Morris, Fiona J Gilbert, Paul D P Pharoah. JAMA Oncol 2018

Pooled analysis of active cigarette smoking and invasive breast cancer risk in 14 cohort studies.
Mia M Gaudet, Brian D Carter, Louise A Brinton, Roni T Falk, Inger T Gram, Juhua Luo, Roger L Milne, Sarah J Nyante, Elisabete Weiderpass, Laura E Beane Freeman,[...]. Int J Epidemiol 2017

Body size in early life and adult levels of insulin-like growth factor 1 and insulin-like growth factor binding protein 3.
Elizabeth M Poole, Shelley S Tworoger, Susan E Hankinson, Eva S Schernhammer, Michael N Pollak, Heather J Baer. Am J Epidemiol 2011

Reproductive behaviors and risk of developing breast cancer according to tumor subtype: A systematic review and meta-analysis of epidemiological studies.
Matteo Lambertini, Luigi Santoro, Lucia Del Mastro, Bastien Nguyen, Luca Livraghi, Donatella Ugolini, Fedro A Peccatori, Hatem A Azim. Cancer Treat Rev 2016

The timing of normal puberty and the age limits of sexual precocity: variations around the world, secular trends, and changes after migration.
Anne-Simone Parent, Grete Teilmann, Anders Juul, Niels E Skakkebaek, Jorma Toppari, Jean-Pierre Bourguignon. Endocr Rev 2003

Socioeconomic position, lifestyle factors and age at natural menopause: a systematic review and meta-analyses of studies across six continents.
Danielle A J M Schoenaker, Caroline A Jackson, Jemma V Rowlands, Gita D Mishra. Int J Epidemiol 2014

Association of Age at Onset of Menopause and Time Since Onset of Menopause With Cardiovascular Outcomes, Intermediate Vascular Traits, and All-Cause Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis.
Taulant Muka, Clare Oliver-Williams, Setor Kunutsor, Joop S E Laven, Bart C J M Fauser, Rajiv Chowdhury, Maryam Kavousi, Oscar H Franco. JAMA Cardiol 2016

Using human genetics to understand the disease impacts of testosterone in men and women.
Katherine S Ruth, Felix R Day, Jessica Tyrrell, Deborah J Thompson, Andrew R Wood, Anubha Mahajan, Robin N Beaumont, Laura Wittemans, Susan Martin, Alexander S Busch,[...]. Nat Med 2020

Pooled analysis of prospective cohort studies on height, weight, and breast cancer risk.
P A van den Brandt, D Spiegelman, S S Yaun, H O Adami, L Beeson, A R Folsom, G Fraser, R A Goldbohm, S Graham, L Kushi,[...]. Am J Epidemiol 2000

Association analysis identifies 65 new breast cancer risk loci.
Kyriaki Michailidou, Sara Lindström, Joe Dennis, Jonathan Beesley, Shirley Hui, Siddhartha Kar, Audrey Lemaçon, Penny Soucy, Dylan Glubb, Asha Rostamianfar,[...]. Nature 2017

Breast Cancer Risk From Modifiable and Non-Modifiable Risk Factors among Women in Southeast Asia: A Meta-Analysis
Ricvan Dana Nindrea, Teguh Aryandono, Lutfan Lazuardi. Asian Pac J Cancer Prev 2017

UK biobank: an open access resource for identifying the causes of a wide range of complex diseases of middle and old age.
Cathie Sudlow, John Gallacher, Naomi Allen, Valerie Beral, Paul Burton, John Danesh, Paul Downey, Paul Elliott, Jane Green, Martin Landray,[...]. PLoS Med 2015

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