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Iain Chalmers, Michael B Bracken, Ben Djulbegovic, Silvio Garattini, Jonathan Grant, A Metin Gülmezoglu, David W Howells, John P A Ioannidis, Sandy Oliver. Lancet 2014
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Increasing value and reducing waste in research design, conduct, and analysis.
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Patients', clinicians' and the research communities' priorities for treatment research: there is an important mismatch.
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Increasing value and reducing waste in biomedical research regulation and management.
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Increasing value and reducing waste in biomedical research: who's listening?
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Patient engagement in research: a systematic review.
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Reporting guideline for priority setting of health research (REPRISE).
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Frameworks for supporting patient and public involvement in research: Systematic review and co-design pilot.
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Top 15 UK research priorities for preterm birth.
Lelia Duley, Seilin Uhm, Sandy Oliver. Lancet 2014

GRADE Evidence to Decision (EtD) frameworks for adoption, adaptation, and de novo development of trustworthy recommendations: GRADE-ADOLOPMENT.
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Standards for reporting qualitative research: a synthesis of recommendations.
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Consolidated standards of reporting trials (CONSORT) and the completeness of reporting of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) published in medical journals.
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SPIRIT 2013 statement: defining standard protocol items for clinical trials.
An-Wen Chan, Jennifer M Tetzlaff, Douglas G Altman, Andreas Laupacis, Peter C Gøtzsche, Karmela Krleža-Jerić, Asbjørn Hróbjartsson, Howard Mann, Kay Dickersin, Jesse A Berlin,[...]. Ann Intern Med 2013

CONSORT 2010 statement: extension to randomised pilot and feasibility trials.
Sandra M Eldridge, Claire L Chan, Michael J Campbell, Christine M Bond, Sally Hopewell, Lehana Thabane, Gillian A Lancaster. BMJ 2016

AMSTAR 2: a critical appraisal tool for systematic reviews that include randomised or non-randomised studies of healthcare interventions, or both.
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The Cochrane Collaboration's tool for assessing risk of bias in randomised trials.
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A practice-based tool for engaging stakeholders in future research: a synthesis of current practices.
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Research priorities for stillbirth: process overview and results from UK Stillbirth Priority Setting Partnership.
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GRADE: an emerging consensus on rating quality of evidence and strength of recommendations.
Gordon H Guyatt, Andrew D Oxman, Gunn E Vist, Regina Kunz, Yngve Falck-Ytter, Pablo Alonso-Coello, Holger J Schünemann. BMJ 2008

Guidelines for Inclusion of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Clinical Trial Protocols: The SPIRIT-PRO Extension.
Melanie Calvert, Derek Kyte, Rebecca Mercieca-Bebber, Anita Slade, An-Wen Chan, Madeleine T King, Amanda Hunn, Andrew Bottomley, Antoine Regnault, An-Wen Chan,[...]. JAMA 2018

Consort 2010 statement: extension to cluster randomised trials.
Marion K Campbell, Gilda Piaggio, Diana R Elbourne, Douglas G Altman. BMJ 2012

Reporting of patient-reported outcomes in randomized trials: the CONSORT PRO extension.
Melanie Calvert, Jane Blazeby, Douglas G Altman, Dennis A Revicki, David Moher, Michael D Brundage. JAMA 2013

Identifying research priorities in anaesthesia and perioperative care: final report of the joint National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia/James Lind Alliance Research Priority Setting Partnership.
Oliver Boney, Madeline Bell, Natalie Bell, Ann Conquest, Marion Cumbers, Sharon Drake, Mike Galsworthy, Jacqui Gath, Michael P W Grocott, Emma Harris,[...]. BMJ Open 2015

How the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute is engaging patients and others in shaping its research agenda.
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Developing core outcome sets for clinical trials: issues to consider.
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Scoping studies: advancing the methodology.
Danielle Levac, Heather Colquhoun, Kelly K O'Brien. Implement Sci 2010

Core Outcome Set-STAndards for Development: The COS-STAD recommendations.
Jamie J Kirkham, Katherine Davis, Douglas G Altman, Jane M Blazeby, Mike Clarke, Sean Tunis, Paula R Williamson. PLoS Med 2017

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