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Spencer U McKinstry, Yonca B Karadeniz, Atesh K Worthington, Volodya Y Hayrapetyan, M Ilcim Ozlu, Karol Serafin-Molina, W Christopher Risher, Tuna Ustunkaya, Ioannis Dragatsis, Scott Zeitlin, Henry H Yin, Cagla Eroglu. J Neurosci 2014
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Loss-of-Huntingtin in Medial and Lateral Ganglionic Lineages Differentially Disrupts Regional Interneuron and Projection Neuron Subtypes and Promotes Huntington's Disease-Associated Behavioral, Cellular, and Pathological Hallmarks.
Mark F Mehler, Jenna R Petronglo, Eduardo E Arteaga-Bracho, Maria E Gulinello, Michael L Winchester, Nandini Pichamoorthy, Stephen K Young, Christopher D DeJesus, Hifza Ishtiaq, Solen Gokhan,[...]. J Neurosci 2019

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