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Riccardo E Marioni, Sonia Shah, Allan F McRae, Brian H Chen, Elena Colicino, Sarah E Harris, Jude Gibson, Anjali K Henders, Paul Redmond, Simon R Cox, Alison Pattie, Janie Corley, Lee Murphy, Nicholas G Martin, Grant W Montgomery, Andrew P Feinberg, M Daniele Fallin, Michael L Multhaup, Andrew E Jaffe, Roby Joehanes, Joel Schwartz, Allan C Just, Kathryn L Lunetta, Joanne M Murabito, John M Starr, Steve Horvath, Andrea A Baccarelli, Daniel Levy, Peter M Visscher, Naomi R Wray, Ian J Deary. Genome Biol 2015
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Genome-wide methylation profiles reveal quantitative views of human aging rates.
Gregory Hannum, Justin Guinney, Ling Zhao, Li Zhang, Guy Hughes, SriniVas Sadda, Brandy Klotzle, Marina Bibikova, Jian-Bing Fan, Yuan Gao,[...]. Mol Cell 2013

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DNA methylation GrimAge strongly predicts lifespan and healthspan.
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The hallmarks of aging.
Carlos López-Otín, Maria A Blasco, Linda Partridge, Manuel Serrano, Guido Kroemer. Cell 2013

Aging of blood can be tracked by DNA methylation changes at just three CpG sites.
Carola Ingrid Weidner, Qiong Lin, Carmen Maike Koch, Lewin Eisele, Fabian Beier, Patrick Ziegler, Dirk Olaf Bauerschlag, Karl-Heinz Jöckel, Raimund Erbel, Thomas Walter Mühleisen,[...]. Genome Biol 2014

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DNA methylation arrays as surrogate measures of cell mixture distribution.
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Epigenetic predictor of age.
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Minfi: a flexible and comprehensive Bioconductor package for the analysis of Infinium DNA methylation microarrays.
Martin J Aryee, Andrew E Jaffe, Hector Corrada-Bravo, Christine Ladd-Acosta, Andrew P Feinberg, Kasper D Hansen, Rafael A Irizarry. Bioinformatics 2014

GWAS of epigenetic aging rates in blood reveals a critical role for TERT.
Ake T Lu, Luting Xue, Elias L Salfati, Brian H Chen, Luigi Ferrucci, Daniel Levy, Roby Joehanes, Joanne M Murabito, Douglas P Kiel, Pei-Chien Tsai,[...]. Nat Commun 2018

HIV-1 Infection Accelerates Age According to the Epigenetic Clock.
Steve Horvath, Andrew J Levine. J Infect Dis 2015

DNA methylation signatures in peripheral blood strongly predict all-cause mortality.
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DNA methylation levels at individual age-associated CpG sites can be indicative for life expectancy.
Qiong Lin, Carola I Weidner, Ivan G Costa, Riccardo E Marioni, Marcelo R P Ferreira, Ian J Deary, Wolfgang Wagner. Aging (Albany NY) 2016

Frailty is associated with the epigenetic clock but not with telomere length in a German cohort.
Lutz Philipp Breitling, Kai-Uwe Saum, Laura Perna, Ben Schöttker, Bernd Holleczek, Hermann Brenner. Clin Epigenetics 2016

DNA methylation age of blood predicts future onset of lung cancer in the women's health initiative.
Morgan E Levine, H Dean Hosgood, Brian Chen, Devin Absher, Themistocles Assimes, Steve Horvath. Aging (Albany NY) 2015

Accelerated epigenetic aging in Down syndrome.
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DNA methylation and healthy human aging.
Meaghan J Jones, Sarah J Goodman, Michael S Kobor. Aging Cell 2015

Longitudinal trajectories, correlations and mortality associations of nine biological ages across 20-years follow-up.
Xia Li, Alexander Ploner, Yunzhang Wang, Patrik Ke Magnusson, Chandra Reynolds, Deborah Finkel, Nancy L Pedersen, Juulia Jylhävä, Sara Hägg. Elife 2020

Quantification of the pace of biological aging in humans through a blood test, the DunedinPoAm DNA methylation algorithm.
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Adam E Field, Neil A Robertson, Tina Wang, Aaron Havas, Trey Ideker, Peter D Adams. Mol Cell 2018

Age-dependent DNA methylation of genes that are suppressed in stem cells is a hallmark of cancer.
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Improved precision of epigenetic clock estimates across tissues and its implication for biological ageing.
Qian Zhang, Costanza L Vallerga, Rosie M Walker, Tian Lin, Anjali K Henders, Grant W Montgomery, Ji He, Dongsheng Fan, Javed Fowdar, Martin Kennedy,[...]. Genome Med 2019

Methylation of ELOVL2 gene as a new epigenetic marker of age.
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Peter D Fransquet, Jo Wrigglesworth, Robyn L Woods, Michael E Ernst, Joanne Ryan. Clin Epigenetics 2019

Systematic underestimation of the epigenetic clock and age acceleration in older subjects.
Louis Y El Khoury, Tyler Gorrie-Stone, Melissa Smart, Amanda Hughes, Yanchun Bao, Alexandria Andrayas, Joe Burrage, Eilis Hannon, Meena Kumari, Jonathan Mill,[...]. Genome Biol 2019

Human aging-associated DNA hypermethylation occurs preferentially at bivalent chromatin domains.
Vardhman K Rakyan, Thomas A Down, Siarhei Maslau, Toby Andrew, Tsun-Po Yang, Huriya Beyan, Pamela Whittaker, Owen T McCann, Sarah Finer, Ana M Valdes,[...]. Genome Res 2010

Traumatic stress and accelerated DNA methylation age: A meta-analysis.
Erika J Wolf, Hannah Maniates, Nicole Nugent, Adam X Maihofer, Don Armstrong, Andrew Ratanatharathorn, Allison E Ashley-Koch, Melanie Garrett, Nathan A Kimbrel, Adriana Lori,[...]. Psychoneuroendocrinology 2018

Faster ticking rate of the epigenetic clock is associated with faster pubertal development in girls.
Alexandra M Binder, Camila Corvalan, Verónica Mericq, Ana Pereira, José Luis Santos, Steve Horvath, John Shepherd, Karin B Michels. Epigenetics 2018

Epigenetic measures of ageing predict the prevalence and incidence of leading causes of death and disease burden.
Robert F Hillary, Anna J Stevenson, Daniel L McCartney, Archie Campbell, Rosie M Walker, David M Howard, Craig W Ritchie, Steve Horvath, Caroline Hayward, Andrew M McIntosh,[...]. Clin Epigenetics 2020

Relationship of tobacco smoking and smoking-related DNA methylation with epigenetic age acceleration.
Xu Gao, Yan Zhang, Lutz Philipp Breitling, Hermann Brenner. Oncotarget 2016

The epigenetic clock and telomere length are independently associated with chronological age and mortality.
Riccardo E Marioni, Sarah E Harris, Sonia Shah, Allan F McRae, Thomas von Zglinicki, Carmen Martin-Ruiz, Naomi R Wray, Peter M Visscher, Ian J Deary. Int J Epidemiol 2018

Epigenetic Aging in Major Depressive Disorder.
Laura K M Han, Moji Aghajani, Shaunna L Clark, Robin F Chan, Mohammad W Hattab, Andrey A Shabalin, Min Zhao, Gaurav Kumar, Lin Ying Xie, Rick Jansen,[...]. Am J Psychiatry 2018

Association of DNA Methylation-Based Biological Age With Health Risk Factors and Overall and Cause-Specific Mortality.
Pierre-Antoine Dugué, Julie K Bassett, JiHoon E Joo, Laura Baglietto, Chol-Hee Jung, Ee Ming Wong, Giovanni Fiorito, Daniel Schmidt, Enes Makalic, Shuai Li,[...]. Am J Epidemiol 2018

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