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Robert J McDonald, Jennifer S McDonald, David F Kallmes, Mark E Jentoft, David L Murray, Kent R Thielen, Eric E Williamson, Laurence J Eckel. Radiology 2015
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Gadolinium-based Contrast Agent Accumulates in the Brain Even in Subjects without Severe Renal Dysfunction: Evaluation of Autopsy Brain Specimens with Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy.
Tomonori Kanda, Toshio Fukusato, Megumi Matsuda, Keiko Toyoda, Hiroshi Oba, Jun'ichi Kotoku, Takahiro Haruyama, Kazuhiro Kitajima, Shigeru Furui. Radiology 2015

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Nozomu Murata, Luis F Gonzalez-Cuyar, Kiyoko Murata, Corinne Fligner, Russell Dills, Daniel Hippe, Kenneth R Maravilla. Invest Radiol 2016

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Robert J McDonald, Jennifer S McDonald, David F Kallmes, Mark E Jentoft, Michael A Paolini, David L Murray, Eric E Williamson, Laurence J Eckel. Radiology 2017

High Signal Intensity in Dentate Nucleus on Unenhanced T1-weighted MR Images: Association with Linear versus Macrocyclic Gadolinium Chelate Administration.
Tomonori Kanda, Marie Osawa, Hiroshi Oba, Keiko Toyoda, Jun'ichi Kotoku, Takahiro Haruyama, Koji Takeshita, Shigeru Furui. Radiology 2015

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Philippe Robert, Stefanie Fingerhut, Cécile Factor, Véronique Vives, Justine Letien, Michael Sperling, Marlène Rasschaert, Robin Santus, Sébastien Ballet, Jean-Marc Idée,[...]. Radiology 2018

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Comparison of Gadolinium Concentrations within Multiple Rat Organs after Intravenous Administration of Linear versus Macrocyclic Gadolinium Chelates.
Robert J McDonald, Jennifer S McDonald, Daying Dai, Dana Schroeder, Mark E Jentoft, David L Murray, Ramanathan Kadirvel, Laurence J Eckel, David F Kallmes. Radiology 2017

Gadolinium Retention: A Research Roadmap from the 2018 NIH/ACR/RSNA Workshop on Gadolinium Chelates.
Robert J McDonald, Deborah Levine, Jeffrey Weinreb, Emanuel Kanal, Matthew S Davenport, James H Ellis, Paula M Jacobs, Robert E Lenkinski, Kenneth R Maravilla, Martin R Prince,[...]. Radiology 2018

High Signal Intensity in Globus Pallidus and Dentate Nucleus on Unenhanced T1-weighted MR Images: Evaluation of Two Linear Gadolinium-based Contrast Agents.
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Philippe Robert, Stéphane Lehericy, Sylvie Grand, Xavier Violas, Nathalie Fretellier, Jean-Marc Idée, Sébastien Ballet, Claire Corot. Invest Radiol 2015

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No Signal Intensity Increase in the Dentate Nucleus on Unenhanced T1-weighted MR Images after More than 20 Serial Injections of Macrocyclic Gadolinium-based Contrast Agents.
Alexander Radbruch, Robert Haase, Pascal J Kieslich, Lukas D Weberling, Philipp Kickingereder, Wolfgang Wick, Heinz-Peter Schlemmer, Martin Bendszus. Radiology 2017

Methodological Aspects for Preclinical Evaluation of Gadolinium Presence in Brain Tissue: Critical Appraisal and Suggestions for Harmonization-A Joint Initiative.
Philippe Robert, Thomas Frenzel, Cécile Factor, Gregor Jost, Marlène Rasschaert, Gunnar Schuetz, Nathalie Fretellier, Janina Boyken, Jean-Marc Idée, Hubertus Pietsch. Invest Radiol 2018

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Vikas Gulani, Fernando Calamante, Frank G Shellock, Emanuel Kanal, Scott B Reeder. Lancet Neurol 2017

Gadolinium Retention, Brain T1 Hyperintensity, and Endogenous Metals: A Comparative Study of Macrocyclic Versus Linear Gadolinium Chelates in Renally Sensitized Rats.
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Young Jin Ryu, Young Hun Choi, Jung-Eun Cheon, Woo-Jin Lee, Subin Park, Ji Eun Park, Woo Sun Kim, In-One Kim. Invest Radiol 2018

Brain tissue gadolinium retention in pediatric patients after contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance exams: pathological confirmation.
A Luana Stanescu, Dennis W Shaw, Nozomu Murata, Kiyoko Murata, Joe C Rutledge, Ezekiel Maloney, Kenneth R Maravilla. Pediatr Radiol 2020

Accumulation of Gadolinium in Human Cerebrospinal Fluid after Gadobutrol-enhanced MR Imaging: A Prospective Observational Cohort Study.
Avinash K Nehra, Robert J McDonald, Amy M Bluhm, Tina M Gunderson, David L Murray, Paul J Jannetto, David F Kallmes, Laurence J Eckel, Jennifer S McDonald. Radiology 2018

Gadolinium deposition disease: Initial description of a disease that has been around for a while.
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MRI contrast agents: basic chemistry and safety.
Dapeng Hao, Tao Ai, Frank Goerner, Xuemei Hu, Val M Runge, Michael Tweedle. J Magn Reson Imaging 2012

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