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Steven Wang, Alexandra M Pike, Stella S Lee, Margaret A Strong, Carla J Connelly, Carol W Greider. Nucleic Acids Res 2017
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BRD4 and Cancer: going beyond transcriptional regulation.
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BRD4 is a histone acetyltransferase that evicts nucleosomes from chromatin.
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CCAT1 is an enhancer-templated RNA that predicts BET sensitivity in colorectal cancer.
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Simon J Hogg, Stephin J Vervoort, Sumit Deswal, Christopher J Ott, Jason Li, Leonie A Cluse, Paul A Beavis, Phillip K Darcy, Benjamin P Martin, Andrew Spencer,[...]. Cell Rep 2017

BRD4 Promotes Gastric Cancer Progression and Metastasis through Acetylation-Dependent Stabilization of Snail.
Zhong-Yi Qin, Tao Wang, Siyuan Su, Li-Ting Shen, Guang-Xi Zhu, Qin Liu, Liang Zhang, Ke-Wei Liu, Yue Zhang, Zhi-Hua Zhou,[...]. Cancer Res 2019

Frequency of TERT promoter mutations in human cancers.
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Genome-wide profiling identifies the THYT1 signature as a distinctive feature of widely metastatic Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas.
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BRD4 Inhibition Is Synthetic Lethal with PARP Inhibitors through the Induction of Homologous Recombination Deficiency.
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CDK8 is a positive regulator of transcriptional elongation within the serum response network.
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Two-pronged binding with bromodomain-containing protein 4 liberates positive transcription elongation factor b from inactive ribonucleoprotein complexes.
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BET Bromodomain Inhibition Suppresses the Function of Hematopoietic Transcription Factors in Acute Myeloid Leukemia.
Jae-Seok Roe, Fatih Mercan, Keith Rivera, Darryl J Pappin, Christopher R Vakoc. Mol Cell 2015

Recruitment of P-TEFb for stimulation of transcriptional elongation by the bromodomain protein Brd4.
Zhiyuan Yang, Jasper H N Yik, Ruichuan Chen, Nanhai He, Moon Kyoo Jang, Keiko Ozato, Qiang Zhou. Mol Cell 2005

Disrupting the interaction of BRD4 with diacetylated Twist suppresses tumorigenesis in basal-like breast cancer.
Jian Shi, Yifan Wang, Lei Zeng, Yadi Wu, Jiong Deng, Qiang Zhang, Yiwei Lin, Junlin Li, Tiebang Kang, Min Tao,[...]. Cancer Cell 2014

A randomized phase II study of the telomerase inhibitor imetelstat as maintenance therapy for advanced non-small-cell lung cancer.
A A Chiappori, T Kolevska, D R Spigel, S Hager, M Rarick, S Gadgeel, N Blais, J Von Pawel, L Hart, M Reck,[...]. Ann Oncol 2015

Imetelstat (a telomerase antagonist) exerts off‑target effects on the cytoskeleton.
Ilgen Mender, Serif Senturk, Nuriman Ozgunes, K Can Akcali, Dimitris Kletsas, Sergei Gryaznov, Alp Can, Jerry W Shay, Z Gunnur Dikmen. Int J Oncol 2013

BRD4 assists elongation of both coding and enhancer RNAs by interacting with acetylated histones.
Tomohiko Kanno, Yuka Kanno, Gary LeRoy, Eric Campos, Hong-Wei Sun, Stephen R Brooks, Golnaz Vahedi, Tom D Heightman, Benjamin A Garcia, Danny Reinberg,[...]. Nat Struct Mol Biol 2014

BRD4 is an atypical kinase that phosphorylates serine2 of the RNA polymerase II carboxy-terminal domain.
Ballachanda N Devaiah, Brian A Lewis, Natasha Cherman, Michael C Hewitt, Brian K Albrecht, Pamela G Robey, Keiko Ozato, Robert J Sims, Dinah S Singer. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2012

Cooperative binding of two acetylation marks on a histone tail by a single bromodomain.
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Structure and ligand of a histone acetyltransferase bromodomain.
C Dhalluin, J E Carlson, L Zeng, C He, A K Aggarwal, M M Zhou. Nature 1999

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