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Thrombectomy for Stroke at 6 to 16 Hours with Selection by Perfusion Imaging.
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Do Clinicians Overestimate the Severity of Intracerebral Hemorrhage?
Elliot J Tilling, Salwa El Tawil, Keith W Muir. Stroke 2019

Automated CT perfusion imaging for acute ischemic stroke: Pearls and pitfalls for real-world use.
Achala Vagal, Max Wintermark, Kambiz Nael, Andrew Bivard, Mark Parsons, Aaron W Grossman, Pooja Khatri. Neurology 2019

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Gregory W Albers, Mayank Goyal, Reza Jahan, Alain Bonafe, Hans-Christoph Diener, Elad I Levy, Vitor M Pereira, Christophe Cognard, David J Cohen, Werner Hacke,[...]. Ann Neurol 2016

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