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Sonia Guedan, Avery D Posey, Carolyn Shaw, Anna Wing, Tong Da, Prachi R Patel, Shannon E McGettigan, Victoria Casado-Medrano, Omkar U Kawalekar, Mireia Uribe-Herranz, Decheng Song, J Joseph Melenhorst, Simon F Lacey, John Scholler, Brian Keith, Regina M Young, Carl H June. JCI Insight 2018
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4-1BB costimulation ameliorates T cell exhaustion induced by tonic signaling of chimeric antigen receptors.
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Targeting a CAR to the TRAC locus with CRISPR/Cas9 enhances tumour rejection.
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Single residue in CD28-costimulated CAR-T cells limits long-term persistence and antitumor durability.
Sonia Guedan, Aviv Madar, Victoria Casado-Medrano, Carolyn Shaw, Anna Wing, Fang Liu, Regina M Young, Carl H June, Avery D Posey. J Clin Invest 2020

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Targeted delivery of a PD-1-blocking scFv by CAR-T cells enhances anti-tumor efficacy in vivo.
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Phosphoproteomic analysis of chimeric antigen receptor signaling reveals kinetic and quantitative differences that affect cell function.
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Dominant-Negative TGF-β Receptor Enhances PSMA-Targeted Human CAR T Cell Proliferation And Augments Prostate Cancer Eradication.
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Engineering strategies to overcome the current roadblocks in CAR T cell therapy.
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A novel chimeric antigen receptor containing a JAK-STAT signaling domain mediates superior antitumor effects.
Yuki Kagoya, Shinya Tanaka, Tingxi Guo, Mark Anczurowski, Chung-Hsi Wang, Kayoko Saso, Marcus O Butler, Mark D Minden, Naoto Hirano. Nat Med 2018

Tuning the Antigen Density Requirement for CAR T-cell Activity.
Robbie G Majzner, Skyler P Rietberg, Elena Sotillo, Rui Dong, Vipul T Vachharajani, Louai Labanieh, June H Myklebust, Meena Kadapakkam, Evan W Weber, Aidan M Tousley,[...]. Cancer Discov 2020

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Affinity-Tuned ErbB2 or EGFR Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cells Exhibit an Increased Therapeutic Index against Tumors in Mice.
Xiaojun Liu, Shuguang Jiang, Chongyun Fang, Shiyu Yang, Devvora Olalere, Edward C Pequignot, Alexandria P Cogdill, Na Li, Melissa Ramones, Brian Granda,[...]. Cancer Res 2015

Anti-BCMA CAR T-Cell Therapy bb2121 in Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma.
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CD27 costimulation augments the survival and antitumor activity of redirected human T cells in vivo.
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CAR T cell immunotherapy for human cancer.
Carl H June, Roddy S O'Connor, Omkar U Kawalekar, Saba Ghassemi, Michael C Milone. Science 2018

IL-7 and CCL19 expression in CAR-T cells improves immune cell infiltration and CAR-T cell survival in the tumor.
Keishi Adachi, Yosuke Kano, Tomohiko Nagai, Namiko Okuyama, Yukimi Sakoda, Koji Tamada. Nat Biotechnol 2018

Case report of a serious adverse event following the administration of T cells transduced with a chimeric antigen receptor recognizing ERBB2.
Richard A Morgan, James C Yang, Mio Kitano, Mark E Dudley, Carolyn M Laurencot, Steven A Rosenberg. Mol Ther 2010

Human T-lymphocyte cytotoxicity and proliferation directed by a single chimeric TCRzeta /CD28 receptor.
John Maher, Renier J Brentjens, Gertrude Gunset, Isabelle Rivière, Michel Sadelain. Nat Biotechnol 2002

Chimeric antigen receptor T cells persist and induce sustained remissions in relapsed refractory chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
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ICOS-based chimeric antigen receptors program bipolar TH17/TH1 cells.
Sonia Guedan, Xi Chen, Aviv Madar, Carmine Carpenito, Shannon E McGettigan, Matthew J Frigault, Jihyun Lee, Avery D Posey, John Scholler, Nathalie Scholler,[...]. Blood 2014

Human chimeric antigen receptor macrophages for cancer immunotherapy.
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T cells with chimeric antigen receptors have potent antitumor effects and can establish memory in patients with advanced leukemia.
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Convergence of Acquired Mutations and Alternative Splicing of CD19 Enables Resistance to CART-19 Immunotherapy.
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Chimeric receptors containing CD137 signal transduction domains mediate enhanced survival of T cells and increased antileukemic efficacy in vivo.
Michael C Milone, Jonathan D Fish, Carmine Carpenito, Richard G Carroll, Gwendolyn K Binder, David Teachey, Minu Samanta, Mehdi Lakhal, Brian Gloss, Gwenn Danet-Desnoyers,[...]. Mol Ther 2009

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