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Claire Hian Tzer Chan, Prabhakaran Munusamy, Sau Yeen Loke, Geok Ling Koh, Audrey Zhi Yi Yang, Hai Yang Law, Chui Sheun Yoon, Chow Yin Wong, Wei Sean Yong, Nan Soon Wong, Raymond Chee Hui Ng, Kong Wee Ong, Preetha Madhukumar, Chung Lie Oey, Gay Hui Ho, Puay Hoon Tan, Min Han Tan, Peter Ang, Yoon Sim Yap, Ann Siew Gek Lee. Oncotarget 2018
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Prediction of breast cancer risk based on common genetic variants in women of East Asian ancestry.
Wanqing Wen, Xiao-Ou Shu, Xingyi Guo, Qiuyin Cai, Jirong Long, Manjeet K Bolla, Kyriaki Michailidou, Joe Dennis, Qin Wang, Yu-Tang Gao,[...]. Breast Cancer Res 2016

A polygenic risk score for breast cancer risk in a Taiwanese population.
Yi-Chen Hsieh, Shih-Hsin Tu, Chien-Tien Su, Er-Chieh Cho, Chih-Hsiung Wu, Mao-Chih Hsieh, Shiyng-Yu Lin, Yun-Ru Liu, Chin-Sheng Hung, Hung-Yi Chiou. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2017

Polygenic Risk Scores for Prediction of Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Subtypes.
Nasim Mavaddat, Kyriaki Michailidou, Joe Dennis, Michael Lush, Laura Fachal, Andrew Lee, Jonathan P Tyrer, Ting-Huei Chen, Qin Wang, Manjeet K Bolla,[...]. Am J Hum Genet 2019

Cost-effectiveness and Benefit-to-Harm Ratio of Risk-Stratified Screening for Breast Cancer: A Life-Table Model.
Nora Pashayan, Steve Morris, Fiona J Gilbert, Paul D P Pharoah. JAMA Oncol 2018

Association analysis identifies 65 new breast cancer risk loci.
Kyriaki Michailidou, Sara Lindström, Joe Dennis, Jonathan Beesley, Shirley Hui, Siddhartha Kar, Audrey Lemaçon, Penny Soucy, Dylan Glubb, Asha Rostamianfar,[...]. Nature 2017

Prediction of breast cancer risk based on profiling with common genetic variants.
Nasim Mavaddat, Paul D P Pharoah, Kyriaki Michailidou, Jonathan Tyrer, Mark N Brook, Manjeet K Bolla, Qin Wang, Joe Dennis, Alison M Dunning, Mitul Shah,[...]. J Natl Cancer Inst 2015

Validation of a genetic risk score for Arkansas women of color.
Athena Starlard-Davenport, Richard Allman, Gillian S Dite, John L Hopper, Erika Spaeth Tuff, Stewart Macleod, Susan Kadlubar, Michael Preston, Ronda Henry-Tillman. PLoS One 2018

Breast cancer risk assessment using genetic variants and risk factors in a Singapore Chinese population.
Charmaine Pei Ling Lee, Astrid Irwanto, Agus Salim, Jian-min Yuan, Jianjun Liu, Woon Puay Koh, Mikael Hartman. Breast Cancer Res 2014

Clinical applications of polygenic breast cancer risk: a critical review and perspectives of an emerging field.
Tatiane Yanes, Mary-Anne Young, Bettina Meiser, Paul A James. Breast Cancer Res 2020

Impact of a Panel of 88 Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms on the Risk of Breast Cancer in High-Risk Women: Results From Two Randomized Tamoxifen Prevention Trials.
Jack Cuzick, Adam R Brentnall, Corrinne Segal, Helen Byers, Caroline Reuter, Simone Detre, Elena Lopez-Knowles, Ivana Sestak, Anthony Howell, Trevor J Powles,[...]. J Clin Oncol 2017

Breast cancer risk prediction using a polygenic risk score in the familial setting: a prospective study from the Breast Cancer Family Registry and kConFab.
Hongyan Li, Bingjian Feng, Alexander Miron, Xiaoqing Chen, Jonathan Beesley, Emmanuella Bimeh, Daniel Barrowdale, Esther M John, Mary B Daly, Irene L Andrulis,[...]. Genet Med 2017

Evaluation of Polygenic Risk Scores for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Risk Prediction in BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers.
Karoline B Kuchenbaecker, Lesley McGuffog, Daniel Barrowdale, Andrew Lee, Penny Soucy, Joe Dennis, Susan M Domchek, Mark Robson, Amanda B Spurdle, Susan J Ramus,[...]. J Natl Cancer Inst 2017

Genome-wide polygenic scores for common diseases identify individuals with risk equivalent to monogenic mutations.
Amit V Khera, Mark Chaffin, Krishna G Aragam, Mary E Haas, Carolina Roselli, Seung Hoan Choi, Pradeep Natarajan, Eric S Lander, Steven A Lubitz, Patrick T Ellinor,[...]. Nat Genet 2018

SNPs and breast cancer risk prediction for African American and Hispanic women.
Richard Allman, Gillian S Dite, John L Hopper, Ora Gordon, Athena Starlard-Davenport, Rowan Chlebowski, Charles Kooperberg. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2015

Breast Cancer Risk Prediction Using Clinical Models and 77 Independent Risk-Associated SNPs for Women Aged Under 50 Years: Australian Breast Cancer Family Registry.
Gillian S Dite, Robert J MacInnis, Adrian Bickerstaffe, James G Dowty, Richard Allman, Carmel Apicella, Roger L Milne, Helen Tsimiklis, Kelly-Anne Phillips, Graham G Giles,[...]. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2016

Breast cancer risk prediction using a clinical risk model and polygenic risk score.
Yiwey Shieh, Donglei Hu, Lin Ma, Scott Huntsman, Charlotte C Gard, Jessica W T Leung, Jeffrey A Tice, Celine M Vachon, Steven R Cummings, Karla Kerlikowske,[...]. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2016

A role for common genomic variants in the assessment of familial breast cancer.
Sarah Sawyer, Gillian Mitchell, Joanne McKinley, Georgia Chenevix-Trench, Jonathan Beesley, Xiao Qing Chen, David Bowtell, Alison H Trainer, Marion Harris, Geoffrey J Lindeman,[...]. J Clin Oncol 2012

The impact of a panel of 18 SNPs on breast cancer risk in women attending a UK familial screening clinic: a case-control study.
D Gareth Evans, Adam Brentnall, Helen Byers, Elaine Harkness, Paula Stavrinos, Anthony Howell, William G Newman, Jack Cuzick. J Med Genet 2017

Breast cancer pathology and stage are better predicted by risk stratification models that include mammographic density and common genetic variants.
D Gareth R Evans, Elaine F Harkness, Adam R Brentnall, Elke M van Veen, Susan M Astley, Helen Byers, Sarah Sampson, Jake Southworth, Paula Stavrinos, Sacha J Howell,[...]. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2019

BOADICEA: a comprehensive breast cancer risk prediction model incorporating genetic and nongenetic risk factors.
Andrew Lee, Nasim Mavaddat, Amber N Wilcox, Alex P Cunningham, Tim Carver, Simon Hartley, Chantal Babb de Villiers, Angel Izquierdo, Jacques Simard, Marjanka K Schmidt,[...]. Genet Med 2019

Genetic variants demonstrating flip-flop phenomenon and breast cancer risk prediction among women of African ancestry.
Shengfeng Wang, Frank Qian, Yonglan Zheng, Temidayo Ogundiran, Oladosu Ojengbede, Wei Zheng, William Blot, Katherine L Nathanson, Anselm Hennis, Barbara Nemesure,[...]. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2018

Genetic and clinical predictors for breast cancer risk assessment and stratification among Chinese women.
Wei Zheng, Wanqing Wen, Yu-Tang Gao, Yu Shyr, Ying Zheng, Jirong Long, Guoliang Li, Chun Li, Kai Gu, Qiuyin Cai,[...]. J Natl Cancer Inst 2010

Projecting individualized probabilities of developing breast cancer for white females who are being examined annually.
M H Gail, L A Brinton, D P Byar, D K Corle, S B Green, C Schairer, J J Mulvihill. J Natl Cancer Inst 1989

Addition of a polygenic risk score, mammographic density, and endogenous hormones to existing breast cancer risk prediction models: A nested case-control study.
Xuehong Zhang, Megan Rice, Shelley S Tworoger, Bernard A Rosner, A Heather Eliassen, Rulla M Tamimi, Amit D Joshi, Sara Lindstrom, Jing Qian, Graham A Colditz,[...]. PLoS Med 2018

Breast Cancer Screening in the Precision Medicine Era: Risk-Based Screening in a Population-Based Trial.
Yiwey Shieh, Martin Eklund, Lisa Madlensky, Sarah D Sawyer, Carlie K Thompson, Allison Stover Fiscalini, Elad Ziv, Laura J Van't Veer, Laura J Esserman, Jeffrey A Tice. J Natl Cancer Inst 2017

The OncoArray Consortium: A Network for Understanding the Genetic Architecture of Common Cancers.
Christopher I Amos, Joe Dennis, Zhaoming Wang, Jinyoung Byun, Fredrick R Schumacher, Simon A Gayther, Graham Casey, David J Hunter, Thomas A Sellers, Stephen B Gruber,[...]. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2017

Making Sense of SNPs: Women's Understanding and Experiences of Receiving a Personalized Profile of Their Breast Cancer Risks.
Mary-Anne Young, Laura Elenor Forrest, Victoria-Mae Rasmussen, Paul James, Gillian Mitchell, Sarah Dilys Sawyer, Katrina Reeve, Nina Hallowell. J Genet Couns 2018

Addition of a 161-SNP polygenic risk score to family history-based risk prediction: impact on clinical management in non-BRCA1/2 breast cancer families.
Inge M M Lakeman, Florentine S Hilbers, Mar Rodríguez-Girondo, Andrew Lee, Maaike P G Vreeswijk, Antoinette Hollestelle, Caroline Seynaeve, Hanne Meijers-Heijboer, Jan C Oosterwijk, Nicoline Hoogerbrugge,[...]. J Med Genet 2019

Large-scale genotyping identifies 41 new loci associated with breast cancer risk.
Kyriaki Michailidou, Per Hall, Anna Gonzalez-Neira, Maya Ghoussaini, Joe Dennis, Roger L Milne, Marjanka K Schmidt, Jenny Chang-Claude, Stig E Bojesen, Manjeet K Bolla,[...]. Nat Genet 2013

European polygenic risk score for prediction of breast cancer shows similar performance in Asian women.
Weang-Kee Ho, Min-Min Tan, Nasim Mavaddat, Mei-Chee Tai, Shivaani Mariapun, Jingmei Li, Peh-Joo Ho, Joe Dennis, Jonathan P Tyrer, Manjeet K Bolla,[...]. Nat Commun 2020

A polygenic risk score for breast cancer in women receiving tamoxifen or raloxifene on NSABP P-1 and P-2.
Celine M Vachon, Daniel J Schaid, James N Ingle, D Lawrence Wickerham, Michiaki Kubo, Taisei Mushiroda, Matthew P Goetz, Erin E Carlson, Soonmyung Paik, Norman Wolmark,[...]. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2015

Identification of ten variants associated with risk of estrogen-receptor-negative breast cancer.
Roger L Milne, Karoline B Kuchenbaecker, Kyriaki Michailidou, Jonathan Beesley, Siddhartha Kar, Sara Lindström, Shirley Hui, Audrey Lemaçon, Penny Soucy, Joe Dennis,[...]. Nat Genet 2017

Cancer statistics, 2018.
Rebecca L Siegel, Kimberly D Miller, Ahmedin Jemal. CA Cancer J Clin 2018

Genome-wide association study in BRCA1 mutation carriers identifies novel loci associated with breast and ovarian cancer risk.
Fergus J Couch, Xianshu Wang, Lesley McGuffog, Andrew Lee, Curtis Olswold, Karoline B Kuchenbaecker, Penny Soucy, Zachary Fredericksen, Daniel Barrowdale, Joe Dennis,[...]. PLoS Genet 2013

Prediction of Breast and Prostate Cancer Risks in Male BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers Using Polygenic Risk Scores.
Julie Lecarpentier, Valentina Silvestri, Karoline B Kuchenbaecker, Daniel Barrowdale, Joe Dennis, Lesley McGuffog, Penny Soucy, Goska Leslie, Piera Rizzolo, Anna Sara Navazio,[...]. J Clin Oncol 2017

Assessment of clinical validity of a breast cancer risk model combining genetic and clinical information.
Matthew E Mealiffe, Renee P Stokowski, Brian K Rhees, Ross L Prentice, Mary Pettinger, David A Hinds. J Natl Cancer Inst 2010

A breast cancer prediction model incorporating familial and personal risk factors.
Jonathan Tyrer, Stephen W Duffy, Jack Cuzick. Stat Med 2004

Risks of Breast, Ovarian, and Contralateral Breast Cancer for BRCA1 and BRCA2 Mutation Carriers.
Karoline B Kuchenbaecker, John L Hopper, Daniel R Barnes, Kelly-Anne Phillips, Thea M Mooij, Marie-José Roos-Blom, Sarah Jervis, Flora E van Leeuwen, Roger L Milne, Nadine Andrieu,[...]. JAMA 2017

A genetic risk predictor for breast cancer using a combination of low-penetrance polymorphisms in a Japanese population.
Aiko Sueta, Hidemi Ito, Takakazu Kawase, Kaoru Hirose, Satoyo Hosono, Yasushi Yatabe, Kazuo Tajima, Hideo Tanaka, Hiroji Iwata, Hirotaka Iwase,[...]. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2012

Performance of common genetic variants in breast-cancer risk models.
Sholom Wacholder, Patricia Hartge, Ross Prentice, Montserrat Garcia-Closas, Heather Spencer Feigelson, W Ryan Diver, Michael J Thun, David G Cox, Susan E Hankinson, Peter Kraft,[...]. N Engl J Med 2010

The contributions of breast density and common genetic variation to breast cancer risk.
Celine M Vachon, V Shane Pankratz, Christopher G Scott, Lothar Haeberle, Elad Ziv, Matthew R Jensen, Kathleen R Brandt, Dana H Whaley, Janet E Olson, Katharina Heusinger,[...]. J Natl Cancer Inst 2015

Using clinical factors and mammographic breast density to estimate breast cancer risk: development and validation of a new predictive model.
Jeffrey A Tice, Steven R Cummings, Rebecca Smith-Bindman, Laura Ichikawa, William E Barlow, Karla Kerlikowske. Ann Intern Med 2008

The BOADICEA model of genetic susceptibility to breast and ovarian cancer.
A C Antoniou, P P D Pharoah, P Smith, D F Easton. Br J Cancer 2004

Population Frequency of Germline BRCA1/2 Mutations.
Kara N Maxwell, Susan M Domchek, Katherine L Nathanson, Mark E Robson. J Clin Oncol 2016

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