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Alba Fiorentino, Fabiana Gregucci, Rosario Mazzola, Vanessa Figlia, Francesco Ricchetti, Gianluisa Sicignano, Niccolo Giajlevra, Ruggero Ruggieri, Sergio Fersino, Stefania Naccarato, Alberto Massocco, Stefanie Corradini, Filippo Alongi. Radiol Med 2019
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Comorbidities and intensity-modulated radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated boost in elderly breast cancer patients.
Alba Fiorentino, Rosario Mazzola, Niccolò Giaj Levra, Sergio Fersino, Francesco Ricchetti, Gioacchino Di Paola, Stefania Gori, Alberto Massocco, Filippo Alongi. Aging Clin Exp Res 2018

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Vratislav Strnad, Oliver J Ott, Guido Hildebrandt, Daniela Kauer-Dorner, Hellen Knauerhase, Tibor Major, Jaroslaw Lyczek, Jose Luis Guinot, Jürgen Dunst, Cristina Gutierrez Miguelez,[...]. Lancet 2016

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Linac-based radiosurgery or fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy with flattening filter-free volumetric modulated arc therapy in elderly patients : A mono-institutional experience on 110 brain metastases.
Fabiana Gregucci, Alba Fiorentino, Stefanie Corradini, Vanessa Figlia, Rosario Mazzola, Francesco Ricchetti, Ruggero Ruggieri, Filippo Alongi. Strahlenther Onkol 2019

Prognostic value of two geriatric screening tools in a cohort of older patients with early stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer treated with hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy.
Francesco Cuccia, Gianluca Mortellaro, Rosario Mazzola, Alessandra Donofrio, Vito Valenti, Antonella Tripoli, Domenica Matranga, Antonio Lo Casto, Giuseppe Failla, Giuseppe Di Miceli,[...]. J Geriatr Oncol 2020

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Once-Weekly Hypofractionated Whole-Breast Radiotherapy After Breast-Conserving Surgery in Older Patients: A Potential Alternative Treatment Schedule to Daily 3-Week Hypofractionation.
Paolo Rovea, Alessandra Fozza, Pierfrancesco Franco, Chiara De Colle, Alessandra Cannizzaro, Anna Di Dio, Francesca De Monte, Claudia Rosmino, Andrea Riccardo Filippi, Riccardo Ragona,[...]. Clin Breast Cancer 2015

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