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Rebecca Hernan, Megan T Cho, Ashley L Wilson, Priyanka Ahimaz, Catherine Au, Sara M Berger, Edwin Guzman, Michelle Primiano, Jessica E Shaw, Meredith Ross, Leyla Tabanfar, Ilana Chilton, Emily Griffin, Chana Ratner, Kwame Anyane-Yeboa, Alejandro Iglesias, Laura Pisani, Jasmin Roohi, Jimmy Duong, Josue Martinez, Paul Appelbaum, Robert Klitzman, Ruth Ottman, Wendy K Chung, Julia Wynn. Patient Educ Couns 2020
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Patient assessment of chatbots for the scalable delivery of genetic counseling.
Tara Schmidlen, Marci Schwartz, Kristy DiLoreto, H Lester Kirchner, Amy C Sturm. J Genet Couns 2019

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Projecting the Supply and Demand for Certified Genetic Counselors: a Workforce Study.
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SAPC Hot Topic: the importance of 'health literacy' in primary care.
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Fragile X full mutation expansions are inhibited by one or more AGG interruptions in premutation carriers.
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Health literacy assessment in adults with neurofibromatosis: electronic and short-form measurement using FCCHL and Health LiTT.
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Enhancing health literacy through co-design: development of culturally appropriate materials on genetic risk and customary consanguineous marriage.
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Improving women's knowledge about prenatal screening in the era of non-invasive prenatal testing for Down syndrome - development and acceptability of a low literacy decision aid.
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Improving Health Education for Women Who Carry an FMR1 Premutation.
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Reproductive and gynecologic care of women with fragile X primary ovarian insufficiency (FXPOI).
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Insights into genetics, human biology and disease gleaned from family based genomic studies.
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Comparisons of dual isogenic human iPSC pairs identify functional alterations directly caused by an epilepsy associated SCN1A mutation.
Yunyao Xie, Nathan N Ng, Olga S Safrina, Carmen M Ramos, Kevin C Ess, Philip H Schwartz, Martin A Smith, Diane K O'Dowd. Neurobiol Dis 2020

Faulty cardiac repolarization reserve in alternating hemiplegia of childhood broadens the phenotype.
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Multitrait analysis of glaucoma identifies new risk loci and enables polygenic prediction of disease susceptibility and progression.
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A quinidine non responsive novel KCNT1 mutation in an Indian infant with epilepsy of infancy with migrating focal seizures.
Priyanka Madaan, Prashant Jauhari, Aparajita Gupta, Biswaroop Chakrabarty, Sheffali Gulati. Brain Dev 2018

Lack of response to quinidine in KCNT1-related neonatal epilepsy.
Adam L Numis, Umesh Nair, Anita N Datta, Tristan T Sands, Michael S Oldham, Akash Patel, Melody Li, Elena Gazina, Steven Petrou, Maria Roberta Cilio. Epilepsia 2018

Precision therapy for epilepsy due to KCNT1 mutations: A randomized trial of oral quinidine.
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Publication bias in clinical research.
P J Easterbrook, J A Berlin, R Gopalan, D R Matthews. Lancet 1991

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