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Eric J Juarez, Jaime J Castrellon, Mikella A Green, Jennifer L Crawford, Kendra L Seaman, Christopher T Smith, Linh C Dang, David Matuskey, Evan D Morris, Ronald L Cowan, David H Zald, Gregory R Samanez-Larkin. Psychol Aging 2019
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Higher striatal D2-receptor availability in aerobically fit older adults but non-selective intervention effects after aerobic versus resistance training.
Lars S Jonasson, Lars Nyberg, Jan Axelsson, Arthur F Kramer, Katrine Riklund, Carl-Johan Boraxbekk. Neuroimage 2019

Treadmill exercise elevates striatal dopamine D2 receptor binding potential in patients with early Parkinson's disease.
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C957T-mediated Variation in Ligand Affinity Affects the Association between 11C-raclopride Binding Potential and Cognition.
Nina Karalija, Goran Papenberg, Anders Wåhlin, Jarkko Johansson, Micael Andersson, Jan Axelsson, Katrine Riklund, Martin Lövdén, Ulman Lindenberger, Lars Bäckman,[...]. J Cogn Neurosci 2019

Reduced effects of age on dopamine D2 receptor levels in physically active adults.
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The correlative triad among aging, dopamine, and cognition: current status and future prospects.
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Latent-Profile Analysis Reveals Behavioral and Brain Correlates of Dopamine-Cognition Associations.
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