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Salma Shickh, Marc Clausen, Chloe Mighton, Mariana Gutierrez Salazar, Kathleen-Rose Zakoor, Rita Kodida, Emma Reble, Christine Elser, Andrea Eisen, Seema Panchal, Melyssa Aronson, Tracy Graham, Susan Randall Armel, Chantal F Morel, Ramzi Fattouh, Emily Glogowski, Kasmintan A Schrader, Jada G Hamilton, Kenneth Offit, Mark Robson, June C Carroll, Wanrudee Isaranuwatchai, Raymond H Kim, Jordan Lerner-Ellis, Kevin E Thorpe, Andreas Laupacis, Yvonne Bombard. BMJ Open 2019
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Recommendations for reporting of secondary findings in clinical exome and genome sequencing, 2016 update (ACMG SF v2.0): a policy statement of the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics.
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Patient assessment of chatbots for the scalable delivery of genetic counseling.
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Autosomal dominant Parkinson's disease.
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Patient-centric trials for therapeutic development in precision oncology.
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