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Megan L Rasmussen, Nilay Taneja, Abigail C Neininger, Lili Wang, Gabriella L Robertson, Stellan N Riffle, Linzheng Shi, Bjorn C Knollmann, Dylan T Burnette, Vivian Gama. iScience 2020
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The MCL1 inhibitor S63845 is tolerable and effective in diverse cancer models.
András Kotschy, Zoltán Szlavik, James Murray, James Davidson, Ana Leticia Maragno, Gaëtane Le Toumelin-Braizat, Maïa Chanrion, Gemma L Kelly, Jia-Nan Gong, Donia M Moujalled,[...]. Nature 2016

AMG 176, a Selective MCL1 Inhibitor, Is Effective in Hematologic Cancer Models Alone and in Combination with Established Therapies.
Sean Caenepeel, Sean P Brown, Brian Belmontes, Gordon Moody, Kathleen S Keegan, Danny Chui, Douglas A Whittington, Xin Huang, Leszek Poppe, Alan C Cheng,[...]. Cancer Discov 2018

Synergistic action of the MCL-1 inhibitor S63845 with current therapies in preclinical models of triple-negative and HER2-amplified breast cancer.
Delphine Merino, James R Whittle, François Vaillant, Antonin Serrano, Jia-Nan Gong, Goknur Giner, Ana Leticia Maragno, Maïa Chanrion, Emilie Schneider, Bhupinder Pal,[...]. Sci Transl Med 2017

Anti-apoptotic MCL-1 localizes to the mitochondrial matrix and couples mitochondrial fusion to respiration.
Rhonda M Perciavalle, Daniel P Stewart, Brian Koss, John Lynch, Sandra Milasta, Madhavi Bathina, Jamshid Temirov, Megan M Cleland, Stéphane Pelletier, John D Schuetz,[...]. Nat Cell Biol 2012

Deletion of MCL-1 causes lethal cardiac failure and mitochondrial dysfunction.
Xi Wang, Madhavi Bathina, John Lynch, Brian Koss, Christopher Calabrese, Sharon Frase, John D Schuetz, Jerold E Rehg, Joseph T Opferman. Genes Dev 2013

Discovery of Mcl-1-specific inhibitor AZD5991 and preclinical activity in multiple myeloma and acute myeloid leukemia.
Adriana E Tron, Matthew A Belmonte, Ammar Adam, Brian M Aquila, Lawrence H Boise, Elisabetta Chiarparin, Justin Cidado, Kevin J Embrey, Eric Gangl, Francis D Gibbons,[...]. Nat Commun 2018

A Non-apoptotic Function of MCL-1 in Promoting Pluripotency and Modulating Mitochondrial Dynamics in Stem Cells.
Megan L Rasmussen, Leigh A Kline, Kyungho P Park, Natalya A Ortolano, Alejandra I Romero-Morales, Christin C Anthony, Kathryn E Beckermann, Vivian Gama. Stem Cell Reports 2018

Humanized Mcl-1 mice enable accurate preclinical evaluation of MCL-1 inhibitors destined for clinical use.
Margs S Brennan, Catherine Chang, Lin Tai, Guillaume Lessene, Andreas Strasser, Grant Dewson, Gemma L Kelly, Marco J Herold. Blood 2018

Loss of MCL-1 leads to impaired autophagy and rapid development of heart failure.
Robert L Thomas, David J Roberts, Dieter A Kubli, Youngil Lee, Melissa N Quinsay, Jarvis B Owens, Kimberlee M Fischer, Mark A Sussman, Shigeki Miyamoto, Åsa B Gustafsson. Genes Dev 2013

Mcl-1 deficiency results in peri-implantation embryonic lethality.
J L Rinkenberger, S Horning, B Klocke, K Roth, S J Korsmeyer. Genes Dev 2000

A Novel MCL1 Inhibitor Combined with Venetoclax Rescues Venetoclax-Resistant Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.
Haley E Ramsey, Melissa A Fischer, Taekyu Lee, Agnieszka E Gorska, Maria Pia Arrate, Londa Fuller, Kelli L Boyd, Stephen A Strickland, John Sensintaffar, Leah J Hogdal,[...]. Cancer Discov 2018

Development and maintenance of B and T lymphocytes requires antiapoptotic MCL-1.
Joseph T Opferman, Anthony Letai, Caroline Beard, Mia D Sorcinelli, Christy C Ong, Stanley J Korsmeyer. Nature 2003

Potent and selective small-molecule MCL-1 inhibitors demonstrate on-target cancer cell killing activity as single agents and in combination with ABT-263 (navitoclax).
J D Leverson, H Zhang, J Chen, S K Tahir, D C Phillips, J Xue, P Nimmer, S Jin, M Smith, Y Xiao,[...]. Cell Death Dis 2015

Targeting the differential addiction to anti-apoptotic BCL-2 family for cancer therapy.
Akane Inoue-Yamauchi, Paul S Jeng, Kwanghee Kim, Hui-Chen Chen, Song Han, Yogesh Tengarai Ganesan, Kota Ishizawa, Sylvia Jebiwott, Yiyu Dong, Maria C Pietanza,[...]. Nat Commun 2017

Combining BH3-mimetics to target both BCL-2 and MCL1 has potent activity in pre-clinical models of acute myeloid leukemia.
Donia M Moujalled, Giovanna Pomilio, Corina Ghiurau, Adam Ivey, Jessica Salmon, Sewa Rijal, Sarah Macraild, Lan Zhang, Tse-Chieh Teh, Ing-Soo Tiong,[...]. Leukemia 2019

Dynamic Regulation of Long-Chain Fatty Acid Oxidation by a Noncanonical Interaction between the MCL-1 BH3 Helix and VLCAD.
Silvia Escudero, Elma Zaganjor, Susan Lee, Christopher P Mill, Ann M Morgan, Emily B Crawford, Jiahao Chen, Thomas E Wales, Rida Mourtada, James Luccarelli,[...]. Mol Cell 2018

BCL-2 family proteins: changing partners in the dance towards death.
Justin Kale, Elizabeth J Osterlund, David W Andrews. Cell Death Differ 2018

Hallmarks of cancer: the next generation.
Douglas Hanahan, Robert A Weinberg. Cell 2011

The landscape of somatic copy-number alteration across human cancers.
Rameen Beroukhim, Craig H Mermel, Dale Porter, Guo Wei, Soumya Raychaudhuri, Jerry Donovan, Jordi Barretina, Jesse S Boehm, Jennifer Dobson, Mitsuyoshi Urashima,[...]. Nature 2010

Targeting of MCL-1 kills MYC-driven mouse and human lymphomas even when they bear mutations in p53.
Gemma L Kelly, Stephanie Grabow, Stefan P Glaser, Leah Fitzsimmons, Brandon J Aubrey, Toru Okamoto, Liz J Valente, Mikara Robati, Lin Tai, W Douglas Fairlie,[...]. Genes Dev 2014

ABT-199, a potent and selective BCL-2 inhibitor, achieves antitumor activity while sparing platelets.
Andrew J Souers, Joel D Leverson, Erwin R Boghaert, Scott L Ackler, Nathaniel D Catron, Jun Chen, Brian D Dayton, Hong Ding, Sari H Enschede, Wayne J Fairbrother,[...]. Nat Med 2013

Exploiting selective BCL-2 family inhibitors to dissect cell survival dependencies and define improved strategies for cancer therapy.
Joel D Leverson, Darren C Phillips, Michael J Mitten, Erwin R Boghaert, Dolores Diaz, Stephen K Tahir, Lisa D Belmont, Paul Nimmer, Yu Xiao, Xiaoju Max Ma,[...]. Sci Transl Med 2015

ABT-263: a potent and orally bioavailable Bcl-2 family inhibitor.
Christin Tse, Alexander R Shoemaker, Jessica Adickes, Mark G Anderson, Jun Chen, Sha Jin, Eric F Johnson, Kennan C Marsh, Michael J Mitten, Paul Nimmer,[...]. Cancer Res 2008

Dual inhibition of BCL-XL and MCL-1 is required to induce tumour regression in lung squamous cell carcinomas sensitive to FGFR inhibition.
Clare E Weeden, Casey Ah-Cann, Aliaksei Z Holik, Julie Pasquet, Jean-Marc Garnier, Delphine Merino, Guillaume Lessene, Marie-Liesse Asselin-Labat. Oncogene 2018

Mcl-1 is essential for germinal center formation and B cell memory.
Ingela Vikstrom, Sebastian Carotta, Katja Lüthje, Victor Peperzak, Philipp J Jost, Stefan Glaser, Meinrad Busslinger, Philippe Bouillet, Andreas Strasser, Stephen L Nutt,[...]. Science 2010

Control of apoptosis by the BCL-2 protein family: implications for physiology and therapy.
Peter E Czabotar, Guillaume Lessene, Andreas Strasser, Jerry M Adams. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 2014

Anti-apoptotic BCL-2 family members in development.
Joseph T Opferman, Anisha Kothari. Cell Death Differ 2018

Cotargeting of BCL2 with Venetoclax and MCL1 with S63845 Is Synthetically Lethal In Vivo in Relapsed Mantle Cell Lymphoma.
Dana Prukova, Ladislav Andera, Zuzana Nahacka, Jana Karolova, Michael Svaton, Magdalena Klanova, Ondrej Havranek, Jan Soukup, Karla Svobodova, Zuzana Zemanova,[...]. Clin Cancer Res 2019

Sensitivity to antitubulin chemotherapeutics is regulated by MCL1 and FBW7.
Ingrid E Wertz, Saritha Kusam, Cynthia Lam, Toru Okamoto, Wendy Sandoval, Daniel J Anderson, Elizabeth Helgason, James A Ernst, Mike Eby, Jinfeng Liu,[...]. Nature 2011

Deubiquitinase USP13 dictates MCL1 stability and sensitivity to BH3 mimetic inhibitors.
Shengzhe Zhang, Meiying Zhang, Ying Jing, Xia Yin, Pengfei Ma, Zhenfeng Zhang, Xiaojie Wang, Wen Di, Guanglei Zhuang. Nat Commun 2018

From Inhibition to Degradation: Targeting the Antiapoptotic Protein Myeloid Cell Leukemia 1 (MCL1).
James W Papatzimas, Evgueni Gorobets, Ranjan Maity, Mir Ishruna Muniyat, Justin L MacCallum, Paola Neri, Nizar J Bahlis, Darren J Derksen. J Med Chem 2019

Regulation of apoptosis in health and disease: the balancing act of BCL-2 family proteins.
Rumani Singh, Anthony Letai, Kristopher Sarosiek. Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol 2019

Molecular profiling of the residual disease of triple-negative breast cancers after neoadjuvant chemotherapy identifies actionable therapeutic targets.
Justin M Balko, Jennifer M Giltnane, Kai Wang, Luis J Schwarz, Christian D Young, Rebecca S Cook, Phillip Owens, Melinda E Sanders, Maria G Kuba, Violeta Sánchez,[...]. Cancer Discov 2014

Obligate role of anti-apoptotic MCL-1 in the survival of hematopoietic stem cells.
Joseph T Opferman, Hiromi Iwasaki, Christy C Ong, Heikyung Suh, Shin-ichi Mizuno, Koichi Akashi, Stanley J Korsmeyer. Science 2005

Knockout of myeloid cell leukemia-1 induces liver damage and increases apoptosis susceptibility of murine hepatocytes.
Binje Vick, Achim Weber, Toni Urbanik, Thorsten Maass, Andreas Teufel, Peter H Krammer, Joseph T Opferman, Marcus Schuchmann, Peter R Galle, Henning Schulze-Bergkamen. Hepatology 2009

Structure-Guided Discovery of a Selective Mcl-1 Inhibitor with Cellular Activity.
Zoltan Szlávik, Levente Ondi, Márton Csékei, Attila Paczal, Zoltán B Szabó, Gábor Radics, James Murray, James Davidson, Ijen Chen, Ben Davis,[...]. J Med Chem 2019

Loss of a Single Mcl-1 Allele Inhibits MYC-Driven Lymphomagenesis by Sensitizing Pro-B Cells to Apoptosis.
Stephanie Grabow, Alex R D Delbridge, Brandon J Aubrey, Cassandra J Vandenberg, Andreas Strasser. Cell Rep 2016

A selective BCL-XL PROTAC degrader achieves safe and potent antitumor activity.
Sajid Khan, Xuan Zhang, Dongwen Lv, Qi Zhang, Yonghan He, Peiyi Zhang, Xingui Liu, Dinesh Thummuri, Yaxia Yuan, Janet S Wiegand,[...]. Nat Med 2019

MCL-1 is a prognostic indicator and drug target in breast cancer.
Kirsteen J Campbell, Sandeep Dhayade, Nicola Ferrari, Andrew H Sims, Emma Johnson, Susan M Mason, Ashley Dickson, Kevin M Ryan, Gabriela Kalna, Joanne Edwards,[...]. Cell Death Dis 2018

Impact of elevated anti-apoptotic MCL-1 and BCL-2 on the development and treatment of MLL-AF9 AML in mice.
Natasha S Anstee, Rebecca A Bilardi, Ashley P Ng, Zhen Xu, Mikara Robati, Cassandra J Vandenberg, Suzanne Cory. Cell Death Differ 2019

Inhibition of Mcl-1 with the pan-Bcl-2 family inhibitor (-)BI97D6 overcomes ABT-737 resistance in acute myeloid leukemia.
Rongqing Pan, Vivian R Ruvolo, Jun Wei, Marina Konopleva, John C Reed, Maurizio Pellecchia, Michael Andreeff, Peter P Ruvolo. Blood 2015

Structure-guided design of a selective BCL-X(L) inhibitor.
Guillaume Lessene, Peter E Czabotar, Brad E Sleebs, Kerry Zobel, Kym N Lowes, Jerry M Adams, Jonathan B Baell, Peter M Colman, Kurt Deshayes, Wayne J Fairbrother,[...]. Nat Chem Biol 2013

Mcl-1 involvement in mitochondrial dynamics is associated with apoptotic cell death.
Giampaolo Morciano, Carlotta Giorgi, Dario Balestra, Saverio Marchi, Daniela Perrone, Mirko Pinotti, Paolo Pinton. Mol Biol Cell 2016

Mitochondria primed by death signals determine cellular addiction to antiapoptotic BCL-2 family members.
Michael Certo, Victoria Del Gaizo Moore, Mari Nishino, Guo Wei, Stanley Korsmeyer, Scott A Armstrong, Anthony Letai. Cancer Cell 2006

BCL-XL and MCL-1 are the key BCL-2 family proteins in melanoma cell survival.
Erinna F Lee, Tiffany J Harris, Sharon Tran, Marco Evangelista, Surein Arulananda, Thomas John, Celeste Ramnac, Chloe Hobbs, Haoran Zhu, Gency Gunasingh,[...]. Cell Death Dis 2019

BCL-2 family antagonists for cancer therapy.
Guillaume Lessene, Peter E Czabotar, Peter M Colman. Nat Rev Drug Discov 2008

The BCL-2 protein family, BH3-mimetics and cancer therapy.
A R D Delbridge, A Strasser. Cell Death Differ 2015

The BCL-2 arbiters of apoptosis and their growing role as cancer targets.
Jerry M Adams, Suzanne Cory. Cell Death Differ 2018

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