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Francesca Perini, Thomas Powell, Simon J Watt, Paul E Downing. J Neurophysiol 2020
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Ca2+ toxicity due to reverse Na+/Ca2+ exchange contributes to degeneration of neurites of DRG neurons induced by a neuropathy-associated Nav1.7 mutation.
M Estacion, B P S Vohra, S Liu, J Hoeijmakers, C G Faber, I S J Merkies, G Lauria, J A Black, S G Waxman. J Neurophysiol 2015

Upregulation of a silent sodium channel after peripheral, but not central, nerve injury in DRG neurons.
J A Black, T R Cummins, C Plumpton, Y H Chen, W Hormuzdiar, J J Clare, S G Waxman. J Neurophysiol 1999

IL-6 induced upregulation of T-type Ca2+ currents and sensitization of DRG nociceptors is attenuated by MNK inhibition.
Vivek Jeevakumar, Aysha Khalid Al Sardar, Farah Mohamed, Clay Matthew Smithhart, Theodore Price, Gregory Dussor. J Neurophysiol 2020

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