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Neelima Vidula, Taronish Dubash, Michael S Lawrence, Antoine Simoneau, Andrzej Niemierko, Erica Blouch, Becky Nagy, Whijae Roh, Brian Chirn, Brittany A Reeves, Giuliana Malvarosa, Jochen Lennerz, Steven J Isakoff, Dejan Juric, Douglas Micalizzi, Seth Wander, Laura Spring, Beverly Moy, Kristen Shannon, Jerry Younger, Richard Lanman, Mehmet Toner, A John Iafrate, Gad Getz, Lee Zou, Leif W Ellisen, Shyamala Maheswaran, Daniel A Haber, Aditya Bardia. Clin Cancer Res 2020
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Circular RNAs are a large class of animal RNAs with regulatory potency.
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