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Kevin A Guttenplan, Benjamin K Stafford, Rana N El-Danaf, Drew I Adler, Alexandra E Münch, Maya K Weigel, Andrew D Huberman, Shane A Liddelow. Cell Rep 2020
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Resting microglial cells are highly dynamic surveillants of brain parenchyma in vivo.
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Knockout of reactive astrocyte activating factors slows disease progression in an ALS mouse model.
Kevin A Guttenplan, Maya K Weigel, Drew I Adler, Julien Couthouis, Shane A Liddelow, Aaron D Gitler, Ben A Barres. Nat Commun 2020

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A Combination of Ontogeny and CNS Environment Establishes Microglial Identity.
F Chris Bennett, Mariko L Bennett, Fazeela Yaqoob, Sara B Mulinyawe, Gerald A Grant, Melanie Hayden Gephart, Edward D Plowey, Ben A Barres. Neuron 2018

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