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Javier Valdés-Ferrada, Natalia Muñoz-Durango, Alejandra Pérez-Sepulveda, Sabrina Muñiz, Irenice Coronado-Arrázola, Francisco Acevedo, Jorge A Soto, Susan M Bueno, Cesar Sánchez, Alexis M Kalergis. Front Immunol 2020
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Atezolizumab and Nab-Paclitaxel in Advanced Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.
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Interferon-inducible guanylate binding protein (GBP2) is associated with better prognosis in breast cancer and indicates an efficient T cell response.
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limma powers differential expression analyses for RNA-sequencing and microarray studies.
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TIMER2.0 for analysis of tumor-infiltrating immune cells.
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Quantification of regulatory T cells enables the identification of high-risk breast cancer patients and those at risk of late relapse.
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Identification of a new subset of myeloid suppressor cells in peripheral blood of melanoma patients with modulation by a granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulation factor-based antitumor vaccine.
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Increased populations of regulatory T cells in peripheral blood of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.
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Immature immunosuppressive CD14+HLA-DR-/low cells in melanoma patients are Stat3hi and overexpress CD80, CD83, and DC-sign.
Isabel Poschke, Dimitrios Mougiakakos, Johan Hansson, Giuseppe V Masucci, Rolf Kiessling. Cancer Res 2010

The commensal microbiome is associated with anti-PD-1 efficacy in metastatic melanoma patients.
Vyara Matson, Jessica Fessler, Riyue Bao, Tara Chongsuwat, Yuanyuan Zha, Maria-Luisa Alegre, Jason J Luke, Thomas F Gajewski. Science 2018

Systemic Immunity Is Required for Effective Cancer Immunotherapy.
Matthew H Spitzer, Yaron Carmi, Nathan E Reticker-Flynn, Serena S Kwek, Deepthi Madhireddy, Maria M Martins, Pier Federico Gherardini, Tyler R Prestwood, Jonathan Chabon, Sean C Bendall,[...]. Cell 2017

Dysregulated hematopoiesis caused by mammary cancer is associated with epigenetic changes and hox gene expression in hematopoietic cells.
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Microbiome-derived inosine modulates response to checkpoint inhibitor immunotherapy.
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Utility of influenza vaccination for oncology patients.
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The Ratio of Peripheral Regulatory T Cells to Lox-1+ Polymorphonuclear Myeloid-derived Suppressor Cells Predicts the Early Response to Anti-PD-1 Therapy in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer.
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Tumour necrosis factor, interferon-gamma and interleukins as predictive markers of antiprogrammed cell-death protein-1 treatment in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: a pragmatic approach in clinical practice.
Efimia Boutsikou, Kalliopi Domvri, Georgia Hardavella, Dora Tsiouda, Konstantinos Zarogoulidis, Theodoros Kontakiotis. Ther Adv Med Oncol 2018

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