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Surendra Pal Chaudhary, Eunice L Kwak, Katie L Hwang, Jochen K Lennerz, Ryan B Corcoran, Rebecca S Heist, Andrea L Russo, Aparna Parikh, Darrell R Borger, Lawrence S Blaszkowsky, Jason E Faris, Janet E Murphy, Christopher G Azzoli, Eric J Roeland, Lipika Goyal, Jill Allen, John T Mullen, David P Ryan, A John Iafrate, Samuel J Klempner, Jeffrey W Clark, Theodore S Hong. Oncologist 2020
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Cloning, expression and subcellular localization of HN1 and HN1L genes, as well as characterization of their orthologs, defining an evolutionarily conserved gene family.
Guangjin Zhou, Jian Wang, Yue Zhang, Chaomin Zhong, Jun Ni, Li Wang, Jinhu Guo, Kexiong Zhang, Long Yu, Shouyuan Zhao. Gene 2004

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Comparison between gastric and esophageal classification system among adenocarcinomas of esophagogastric junction according to AJCC 8th edition: a retrospective observational study from two high-volume institutions in China.
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Hematopoietic- and neurologic-expressed sequence 1 (Hn1) depletion in B16.F10 melanoma cells promotes a differentiated phenotype that includes increased melanogenesis and cell cycle arrest.
Katharine M Laughlin, Defang Luo, Che Liu, Gerry Shaw, Kenneth H Warrington, Brian K Law, Jeffrey K Harrison. Differentiation 2009

The Eighth Edition AJCC Cancer Staging Manual: Continuing to build a bridge from a population-based to a more "personalized" approach to cancer staging.
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HN1 negatively influences the β-catenin/E-cadherin interaction, and contributes to migration in prostate cells.
Lokman Varisli, Bilge E Ozturk, Gencer K Akyuz, Kemal S Korkmaz. J Cell Biochem 2015

Prognostic importance and therapeutic implications of PAK1, a drugable protein kinase, in gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma.
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Prognostic impact of TAZ and β-catenin expression in adenocarcinoma of the esophagogastric junction.
Lidan Sun, Fei Chen, Wenna Shi, Lei Qi, Zhongmei Zhao, Jianping Zhang. Diagn Pathol 2014

Overexpression of HN1L promotes cell malignant proliferation in non-small cell lung cancer.
Lei Li, Ting-Ting Zeng, Bao-Zhu Zhang, Yan Li, Ying-Hui Zhu, Xin-Yuan Guan. Cancer Biol Ther 2017

Hematopoietic- and neurologic-expressed sequence 1 expression in the murine GL261 and high-grade human gliomas.
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HN1 contributes to migration, invasion, and tumorigenesis of breast cancer by enhancing MYC activity.
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Large-scale cDNA analysis reveals phased gene expression patterns during preimplantation mouse development.
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HN1L promotes invasion and metastasis of the esophagogastric junction adenocarcinoma.
Zhao Yang Wang, Wen Xiao, Yuan Zhu Jiang, Wei Dong, Xiang Wei Zhang, Lin Zhang. Thorac Cancer 2021

SNP rs1801157 significantly correlates with distant metastasis in CXCL12 expressing esophagogastric cancer.
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Overexpression of YWHAZ as an independent prognostic factor in adenocarcinoma of the esophago-gastric junction.
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HN1L Promotes Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Stem Cells through LEPR-STAT3 Pathway.
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HN1L-mediated transcriptional axis AP-2γ/METTL13/TCF3-ZEB1 drives tumor growth and metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Lei Li, Yin-Li Zheng, Chen Jiang, Shuo Fang, Ting-Ting Zeng, Ying-Hui Zhu, Yan Li, Dan Xie, Xin-Yuan Guan. Cell Death Differ 2019

Molecular Heterogeneity and Receptor Coamplification Drive Resistance to Targeted Therapy in MET-Amplified Esophagogastric Cancer.
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MiR-132 prohibits proliferation, invasion, migration, and metastasis in breast cancer by targeting HN1.
Zhan-Guo Zhang, Wei-Xun Chen, Yan-Hui Wu, Hui-Fang Liang, Bi-Xiang Zhang. Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2014

Adenocarcinoma of the esophagogastric junction: surgical therapy based on 1602 consecutive resected patients.
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Regulation of cellular sphingosine-1-phosphate by sphingosine kinase 1 and sphingosine-1-phopshate lyase determines chemotherapy resistance in gastroesophageal cancer.
Kasia Matula, Elaina Collie-Duguid, Graeme Murray, Khyati Parikh, Heike Grabsch, Patrick Tan, Salina Lalwani, Roberta Garau, Yuhan Ong, Gillian Bain,[...]. BMC Cancer 2015

Gastric cardiac carcinomas involving the esophagus are more adequately staged as gastric cancers by the 7th edition of the American Joint Commission on Cancer Staging System.
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The InterPro protein families database: the classification resource after 15 years.
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New directions in perioperative management of locally advanced esophagogastric cancer.
Barbara Burtness, David Ilson, Syma Iqbal. Am Soc Clin Oncol Educ Book 2014

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