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Adjusting the frequency of mammography screening on the basis of genetic risk: Attitudes among women in the UK.
Susanne F Meisel, Nora Pashayan, Belinda Rahman, Lucy Side, Lindsay Fraser, Sue Gessler, Anne Lanceley, Jane Wardle. Breast 2015

Personalized early detection and prevention of breast cancer: ENVISION consensus statement.
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Public interest in and acceptability of the prospect of risk-stratified screening for breast and prostate cancer.
Marie Koitsalu, Mirjam A G Sprangers, Martin Eklund, Kamila Czene, Per Hall, Henrik Grönberg, Yvonne Brandberg. Acta Oncol 2016

Women's perceptions of personalized risk-based breast cancer screening and prevention: An international focus group study.
Linda Rainey, Anna Jervaeus, Louise S Donnelly, D Gareth Evans, Mattias Hammarström, Per Hall, Yvonne Wengström, Mireille J M Broeders, Daniëlle van der Waal. Psychooncology 2019

Cost-effectiveness and Benefit-to-Harm Ratio of Risk-Stratified Screening for Breast Cancer: A Life-Table Model.
Nora Pashayan, Steve Morris, Fiona J Gilbert, Paul D P Pharoah. JAMA Oncol 2018

Stratified cancer screening: the practicalities of implementation.
T Dent, J Jbilou, I Rafi, N Segnan, S Törnberg, S Chowdhury, A Hall, G Lyratzopoulos, R Eeles, D Eccles,[...]. Public Health Genomics 2013

Breast Cancer Screening in the Precision Medicine Era: Risk-Based Screening in a Population-Based Trial.
Yiwey Shieh, Martin Eklund, Lisa Madlensky, Sarah D Sawyer, Carlie K Thompson, Allison Stover Fiscalini, Elad Ziv, Laura J Van't Veer, Laura J Esserman, Jeffrey A Tice. J Natl Cancer Inst 2017

"A Natural Progression": Australian Women's Attitudes About an Individualized Breast Screening Model.
Jocelyn Lippey, Louise A Keogh, G Bruce Mann, Ian G Campbell, Laura E Forrest. Cancer Prev Res (Phila) 2019

The benefits and harms of breast cancer screening: an independent review.
M G Marmot, D G Altman, D A Cameron, J A Dewar, S G Thompson, M Wilcox. Br J Cancer 2013

Attitudes towards risk-stratified breast cancer screening among women in England: A cross-sectional survey.
Alex Ghanouni, Saskia C Sanderson, Nora Pashayan, Cristina Renzi, Christian von Wagner, Jo Waller. J Med Screen 2020

What are the benefits and harms of risk stratified screening as part of the NHS breast screening Programme? Study protocol for a multi-site non-randomised comparison of BC-predict versus usual screening (NCT04359420).
David P French, Susan Astley, Adam R Brentnall, Jack Cuzick, Richard Dobrashian, Stephen W Duffy, Louise S Gorman, Elaine F Harkness, Fiona Harrison, Michelle Harvie,[...]. BMC Cancer 2020

Breast cancer risk feedback to women in the UK NHS breast screening population.
D Gareth R Evans, Louise S Donnelly, Elaine F Harkness, Susan M Astley, Paula Stavrinos, Sarah Dawe, Donna Watterson, Lynne Fox, Jamie C Sergeant, Sarah Ingham,[...]. Br J Cancer 2016

The introduction of risk stratified screening into the NHS breast screening Programme: views from British-Pakistani women.
Victoria G Woof, Helen Ruane, David P French, Fiona Ulph, Nadeem Qureshi, Nasaim Khan, D Gareth Evans, Louise S Donnelly. BMC Cancer 2020

Risk stratified breast cancer screening: UK healthcare policy decision-making stakeholders' views on a low-risk breast screening pathway.
Lorna McWilliams, Victoria G Woof, Louise S Donnelly, Anthony Howell, D Gareth Evans, David P French. BMC Cancer 2020

How Do Women View Risk-Based Mammography Screening? A Qualitative Study.
Xiaofei He, Karen E Schifferdecker, Elissa M Ozanne, Anna N A Tosteson, Steven Woloshin, Lisa M Schwartz. J Gen Intern Med 2018

Women's decision-making regarding risk-stratified breast cancer screening and prevention from the perspective of international healthcare professionals.
Linda Rainey, Daniëlle van der Waal, Louise S Donnelly, D Gareth Evans, Yvonne Wengström, Mireille Broeders. PLoS One 2018

Polygenic susceptibility to prostate and breast cancer: implications for personalised screening.
N Pashayan, S W Duffy, S Chowdhury, T Dent, H Burton, D E Neal, D F Easton, R Eeles, P Pharoah. Br J Cancer 2011

Recommendations on screening for breast cancer in women aged 40-74 years who are not at increased risk for breast cancer.
Scott Klarenbach, Nicki Sims-Jones, Gabriela Lewin, Harminder Singh, Guylène Thériault, Marcello Tonelli, Marion Doull, Susan Courage, Alejandra Jaramillo Garcia, Brett D Thombs. CMAJ 2018

Effect of mammographic screening from age 40 years on breast cancer mortality (UK Age trial): final results of a randomised, controlled trial.
Stephen W Duffy, Daniel Vulkan, Howard Cuckle, Dharmishta Parmar, Shama Sheikh, Robert A Smith, Andrew Evans, Oleg Blyuss, Louise Johns, Ian O Ellis,[...]. Lancet Oncol 2020

Use of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Mammographic Density Plus Classic Risk Factors for Breast Cancer Risk Prediction.
Elke M van Veen, Adam R Brentnall, Helen Byers, Elaine F Harkness, Susan M Astley, Sarah Sampson, Anthony Howell, William G Newman, Jack Cuzick, D Gareth R Evans. JAMA Oncol 2018

Mammography screening: A major issue in medicine.
Philippe Autier, Mathieu Boniol. Eur J Cancer 2018

Breast cancer pathology and stage are better predicted by risk stratification models that include mammographic density and common genetic variants.
D Gareth R Evans, Elaine F Harkness, Adam R Brentnall, Elke M van Veen, Susan M Astley, Helen Byers, Sarah Sampson, Jake Southworth, Paula Stavrinos, Sacha J Howell,[...]. Breast Cancer Res Treat 2019

Age-based versus Risk-based Mammography Screening in Women 40-49 Years Old: A Cross-sectional Study.
Elizabeth S Burnside, Amy Trentham-Dietz, Christina M Shafer, John M Hampton, Oguz Alagoz, Jennifer R Cox, Eric Mischo, Sarina B Schrager, Lee G Wilke. Radiology 2019

Breast cancer screening in an era of personalized regimens: a conceptual model and National Cancer Institute initiative for risk-based and preference-based approaches at a population level.
Tracy Onega, Elisabeth F Beaber, Brian L Sprague, William E Barlow, Jennifer S Haas, Anna N A Tosteson, Mitchell D Schnall, Katrina Armstrong, Marilyn M Schapira, Berta Geller,[...]. Cancer 2014

Psychological impact of providing women with personalised 10-year breast cancer risk estimates.
David P French, Jake Southworth, Anthony Howell, Michelle Harvie, Paula Stavrinos, Donna Watterson, Sarah Sampson, D Gareth Evans, Louise S Donnelly. Br J Cancer 2018

European women's perceptions of the implementation and organisation of risk-based breast cancer screening and prevention: a qualitative study.
Linda Rainey, Daniëlle van der Waal, Anna Jervaeus, Louise S Donnelly, D Gareth Evans, Mattias Hammarström, Per Hall, Yvonne Wengström, Mireille J M Broeders. BMC Cancer 2020

Clinical applications of polygenic breast cancer risk: a critical review and perspectives of an emerging field.
Tatiane Yanes, Mary-Anne Young, Bettina Meiser, Paul A James. Breast Cancer Res 2020

Risk-based breast cancer screening strategies in women.
Elaine F Harkness, Susan M Astley, D Gareth Evans. Best Pract Res Clin Obstet Gynaecol 2020

Personalised risk communication for informed decision making about taking screening tests.
Adrian G K Edwards, Gurudutt Naik, Harry Ahmed, Glyn J Elwyn, Timothy Pickles, Kerry Hood, Rebecca Playle. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2013

Risk stratification in breast cancer screening: Cost-effectiveness and harm-benefit ratios for low-risk and high-risk women.
Valérie D V Sankatsing, Nicolien T van Ravesteyn, Eveline A M Heijnsdijk, Mireille J M Broeders, Harry J de Koning. Int J Cancer 2020

Joint association of mammographic density adjusted for age and body mass index and polygenic risk score with breast cancer risk.
Celine M Vachon, Christopher G Scott, Rulla M Tamimi, Deborah J Thompson, Peter A Fasching, Jennifer Stone, Melissa C Southey, Stacey Winham, Sara Lindström, Jenna Lilyquist,[...]. Breast Cancer Res 2019

Breast cancer screening in average-risk women: towards personalized screening.
Almir Gv Bitencourt, Carolina Rossi Saccarelli, Christiane Kuhl, Elizabeth A Morris. Br J Radiol 2019

Projecting individualized probabilities of developing breast cancer for white females who are being examined annually.
M H Gail, L A Brinton, D P Byar, D K Corle, S B Green, C Schairer, J J Mulvihill. J Natl Cancer Inst 1989

Population-Based Breast Cancer Screening With Risk-Based and Universal Mammography Screening Compared With Clinical Breast Examination: A Propensity Score Analysis of 1 429 890 Taiwanese Women.
Amy Ming-Fang Yen, Huei-Shian Tsau, Jean Ching-Yuan Fann, Sam Li-Sheng Chen, Sherry Yueh-Hsia Chiu, Yi-Chia Lee, Shin-Liang Pan, Han-Mo Chiu, Wen-Horng Kuo, King-Jen Chang,[...]. JAMA Oncol 2016

Acceptability of risk-stratified breast screening: Effect of the order of presenting risk and benefit information.
Alex Ghanouni, Jo Waller, Sandro T Stoffel, Ivo Vlaev, Christian von Wagner. J Med Screen 2020

Cost-effectiveness and harm-benefit analyses of risk-based screening strategies for breast cancer.
Ester Vilaprinyo, Carles Forné, Misericordia Carles, Maria Sala, Roger Pla, Xavier Castells, Laia Domingo, Montserrat Rue. PLoS One 2014

Population-Based Precision Cancer Screening: A Symposium on Evidence, Epidemiology, and Next Steps.
Pamela M Marcus, Nora Pashayan, Timothy R Church, V Paul Doria-Rose, Michael K Gould, Rebecca A Hubbard, Michael Marrone, Diana L Miglioretti, Paul D Pharoah, Paul F Pinsky,[...]. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev 2016

Recommendations on breast cancer screening and prevention in the context of implementing risk stratification: impending changes to current policies.
J Gagnon, E Lévesque, F Borduas, J Chiquette, C Diorio, N Duchesne, M Dumais, L Eloy, W Foulkes, N Gervais,[...]. Curr Oncol 2016

Harms of Breast Cancer Screening: Systematic Review to Update the 2009 U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation.
Heidi D Nelson, Miranda Pappas, Amy Cantor, Jessica Griffin, Monica Daeges, Linda Humphrey. Ann Intern Med 2016

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