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Allison Magnuson, Mina S Sedrak, Cary P Gross, William P Tew, Heidi D Klepin, Tanya M Wildes, Hyman B Muss, Efrat Dotan, Rachel A Freedman, Tracey O'Connor, William Dale, Harvey J Cohen, Vani Katheria, Anait Arsenyan, Abrahm Levi, Heeyoung Kim, Supriya Mohile, Arti Hurria, Can-Lan Sun. J Clin Oncol 2021
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Defining Undertreatment and Overtreatment in Older Adults With Cancer: A Scoping Literature Review.
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Scott Kizy, Ariella M Altman, Schelomo Marmor, Jason W Denbo, Eric H Jensen, Todd M Tuttle, Jane Yuet Ching Hui. J Geriatr Oncol 2019

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