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Salvatore Gullo, Ilaria Misici, Arianna Teti, Michele Liuzzi, Enrico Chiara. Res Psychother 2021
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Online Supportive Group as social intervention to face COVID lockdown. A qualitative study on psychotherapists, psychology trainees and students, and community people.
Emanuela Brusadelli, Laura Ferrari, Michele Benetti, Stefania Bruzzese, Giada Maria Tonelli, Salvatore Gullo. Res Psychother 2021

How anxious did you feel during lockdown? The roles resilience, living environment, and gender play on the level of anxiety state during pandemic isolation.
Violeta Stefania Rotărescu, Diana Bianca Matei, Ioana Alexandra Mircea, Andreea Maria Mirescu, Bogdan George Nedelescu, Daniela Georgiana Nedelea, Alexandra Nicoleta Raluca Neagu, Alexandru George Necşulescu, Gabriel Angelo Oteşanu, Lucian Constantin Tudor. Res Psychother 2021

Can we contain the COVID-19 outbreak with the same measures as for SARS?
Annelies Wilder-Smith, Calvin J Chiew, Vernon J Lee. Lancet Infect Dis 2020

Psychological outcomes after hospitalization for COVID-19: data from a multidisciplinary follow-up screening program for recovered patients.
Federica Bonazza, Lidia Borghi, Eugenia Cao di San Marco, Kyrie Piscopo, Francesca Bai, Antonella d'Arminio Monforte, Elena Vegni. Res Psychother 2021

Exploring the impacts of COVID-19 related social distancing on loneliness, psychological needs and symptomatology.
Bruno Faustino, António Branco Vasco, João Delgado, António Farinha-Fernandes, José Carlos Guerreiro. Res Psychother 2021

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