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Kevin W Currin, Michael R Erdos, Narisu Narisu, Vivek Rai, Swarooparani Vadlamudi, Hannah J Perrin, Jacqueline R Idol, Tingfen Yan, Ricardo D'Oliveira Albanus, K Alaine Broadaway, Amy S Etheridge, Lori L Bonnycastle, Peter Orchard, John P Didion, Amarjit S Chaudhry, Federico Innocenti, Erin G Schuetz, Laura J Scott, Stephen C J Parker, Francis S Collins, Karen L Mohlke. Am J Hum Genet 2021
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iPSCORE: A Resource of 222 iPSC Lines Enabling Functional Characterization of Genetic Variation across a Variety of Cell Types.
Athanasia D Panopoulos, Matteo D'Antonio, Paola Benaglio, Roy Williams, Sherin I Hashem, Bernhard M Schuldt, Christopher DeBoever, Angelo D Arias, Melvin Garcia, Bradley C Nelson,[...]. Stem Cell Reports 2017

HMMRATAC: a Hidden Markov ModeleR for ATAC-seq.
Evan D Tarbell, Tao Liu. Nucleic Acids Res 2019

Snakemake-a scalable bioinformatics workflow engine.
Johannes Köster, Sven Rahmann. Bioinformatics 2018

Cell-type-specific effects of genetic variation on chromatin accessibility during human neuronal differentiation.
Dan Liang, Angela L Elwell, Nil Aygün, Oleh Krupa, Justin M Wolter, Felix A Kyere, Michael J Lafferty, Kerry E Cheek, Kenan P Courtney, Marianna Yusupova,[...]. Nat Neurosci 2021

ATAC-seq: A Method for Assaying Chromatin Accessibility Genome-Wide.
Jason D Buenrostro, Beijing Wu, Howard Y Chang, William J Greenleaf. Curr Protoc Mol Biol 2015

Model-based analysis of ChIP-Seq (MACS).
Yong Zhang, Tao Liu, Clifford A Meyer, Jérôme Eeckhoute, David S Johnson, Bradley E Bernstein, Chad Nusbaum, Richard M Myers, Myles Brown, Wei Li,[...]. Genome Biol 2008

A multi-omic atlas of the human frontal cortex for aging and Alzheimer's disease research.
Philip L De Jager, Yiyi Ma, Cristin McCabe, Jishu Xu, Badri N Vardarajan, Daniel Felsky, Hans-Ulrich Klein, Charles C White, Mette A Peters, Ben Lodgson,[...]. Sci Data 2018

Cistrome Data Browser: expanded datasets and new tools for gene regulatory analysis.
Rongbin Zheng, Changxin Wan, Shenglin Mei, Qian Qin, Qiu Wu, Hanfei Sun, Chen-Hao Chen, Myles Brown, Xiaoyan Zhang, Clifford A Meyer,[...]. Nucleic Acids Res 2019

From reads to insight: a hitchhiker's guide to ATAC-seq data analysis.
Feng Yan, David R Powell, David J Curtis, Nicholas C Wong. Genome Biol 2020

Transposition of native chromatin for fast and sensitive epigenomic profiling of open chromatin, DNA-binding proteins and nucleosome position.
Jason D Buenrostro, Paul G Giresi, Lisa C Zaba, Howard Y Chang, William J Greenleaf. Nat Methods 2013

Shared genetic effects on chromatin and gene expression indicate a role for enhancer priming in immune response.
Kaur Alasoo, Julia Rodrigues, Subhankar Mukhopadhyay, Andrew J Knights, Alice L Mann, Kousik Kundu, Christine Hale, Gordon Dougan, Daniel J Gaffney. Nat Genet 2018

Gene set enrichment analysis: a knowledge-based approach for interpreting genome-wide expression profiles.
Aravind Subramanian, Pablo Tamayo, Vamsi K Mootha, Sayan Mukherjee, Benjamin L Ebert, Michael A Gillette, Amanda Paulovich, Scott L Pomeroy, Todd R Golub, Eric S Lander,[...]. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2005

AIAP: A Quality Control and Integrative Analysis Package to Improve ATAC-seq Data Analysis.
Shaopeng Liu, Daofeng Li, Cheng Lyu, Paul M Gontarz, Benpeng Miao, Pamela A F Madden, Ting Wang, Bo Zhang. Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics 2021

Dynamic regulation of nucleosome positioning in the human genome.
Dustin E Schones, Kairong Cui, Suresh Cuddapah, Tae-Young Roh, Artem Barski, Zhibin Wang, Gang Wei, Keji Zhao. Cell 2008

The chromatin accessibility landscape of primary human cancers.
M Ryan Corces, Jeffrey M Granja, Shadi Shams, Bryan H Louie, Jose A Seoane, Wanding Zhou, Tiago C Silva, Clarice Groeneveld, Christopher K Wong, Seung Woo Cho,[...]. Science 2018

Evaluation of chromatin accessibility in prefrontal cortex of individuals with schizophrenia.
Julien Bryois, Melanie E Garrett, Lingyun Song, Alexias Safi, Paola Giusti-Rodriguez, Graham D Johnson, Annie W Shieh, Alfonso Buil, John F Fullard, Panos Roussos,[...]. Nat Commun 2018

FAIRE (Formaldehyde-Assisted Isolation of Regulatory Elements) isolates active regulatory elements from human chromatin.
Paul G Giresi, Jonghwan Kim, Ryan M McDaniell, Vishwanath R Iyer, Jason D Lieb. Genome Res 2007

High-resolution mapping and characterization of open chromatin across the genome.
Alan P Boyle, Sean Davis, Hennady P Shulha, Paul Meltzer, Elliott H Margulies, Zhiping Weng, Terrence S Furey, Gregory E Crawford. Cell 2008

Fine-mapping cellular QTLs with RASQUAL and ATAC-seq.
Natsuhiko Kumasaka, Andrew J Knights, Daniel J Gaffney. Nat Genet 2016

Computational Methods for Assessing Chromatin Hierarchy.
Pearl Chang, Moloya Gohain, Ming-Ren Yen, Pao-Yang Chen. Comput Struct Biotechnol J 2018

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