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Laura Marquez-Exposito, Lucia Tejedor-Santamaria, Laura Santos-Sanchez, Floris A Valentijn, Elena Cantero-Navarro, Sandra Rayego-Mateos, Raul R Rodrigues-Diez, Antonio Tejera-Muñoz, Vanessa Marchant, Ana B Sanz, Alberto Ortiz, Roel Goldschmeding, Marta Ruiz-Ortega. Front Pharmacol 2021
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Cellular Senescence and Senotherapies in the Kidney: Current Evidence and Future Directions.
Marie Helena Docherty, David P Baird, Jeremy Hughes, David A Ferenbach. Front Pharmacol 2020

Targeting the progression of chronic kidney disease.
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High Phosphate Induces and Klotho Attenuates Kidney Epithelial Senescence and Fibrosis.
Jenny Maique, Brianna Flores, Mingjun Shi, Sierra Shepard, Zhiyong Zhou, Shirely Yan, Orson W Moe, Ming Chang Hu. Front Pharmacol 2020

Targeting Premature Renal Aging: from Molecular Mechanisms of Cellular Senescence to Senolytic Trials.
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Cellular senescence inhibits renal regeneration after injury in mice, with senolytic treatment promoting repair.
Katie J Mylonas, Eoin D O'Sullivan, Duncan Humphries, David P Baird, Marie-Helena Docherty, Sarah A Neely, Paul J Krimpenfort, Anette Melk, Roland Schmitt, Sofia Ferreira-Gonzalez,[...]. Sci Transl Med 2021

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Keizo Kanasaki, Munehiro Kitada, Daisuke Koya. Hypertens Res 2012

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