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Caitlin T Fierheller, Laure Guitton-Sert, Wejdan M Alenezi, Timothée Revil, Kathleen K Oros, Yuandi Gao, Karine Bedard, Suzanna L Arcand, Corinne Serruya, Supriya Behl, Liliane Meunier, Hubert Fleury, Eleanor Fewings, Deepak N Subramanian, Javad Nadaf, Jeffrey P Bruce, Rachel Bell, Diane Provencher, William D Foulkes, Zaki El Haffaf, Anne-Marie Mes-Masson, Jacek Majewski, Trevor J Pugh, Marc Tischkowitz, Paul A James, Ian G Campbell, Celia M T Greenwood, Jiannis Ragoussis, Jean-Yves Masson, Patricia N Tonin. Genome Med 2021
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Integrated analysis of germline and somatic variants in ovarian cancer.
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Philipp Rentzsch, Max Schubach, Jay Shendure, Martin Kircher. Genome Med 2021

Comprehensive comparison of three commercial human whole-exome capture platforms.
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Causes for Frequent Pathogenic BRCA1 Variants Include Low Penetrance in Fertile Ages, Recurrent De-Novo Mutations and Genetic Drift.
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Nonsense-mediated mRNA decay in humans at a glance.
Tatsuaki Kurosaki, Lynne E Maquat. J Cell Sci 2016

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