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Seung-Keun Hong, Dmytro Starenki, Oleta T Johnson, Jason E Gestwicki, Jong-In Park. Int J Mol Sci 2022
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Poorly differentiated thyroid cancer.
Kepal N Patel, Ashok R Shaha. Curr Opin Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2014

Loss of ZNF677 Expression Is an Independent Predictor for Distant Metastasis in Middle Eastern Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Patients.
Abdul K Siraj, Pratheesh Kumar Poyil, Sandeep Kumar Parvathareddy, Khadija Alobaisi, Saeeda O Ahmed, Saif S Al-Sobhi, Fouad Al-Dayel, Khawla S Al-Kuraya. Int J Mol Sci 2021

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Global Cancer Statistics 2020: GLOBOCAN Estimates of Incidence and Mortality Worldwide for 36 Cancers in 185 Countries.
Hyuna Sung, Jacques Ferlay, Rebecca L Siegel, Mathieu Laversanne, Isabelle Soerjomataram, Ahmedin Jemal, Freddie Bray. CA Cancer J Clin 2021

The CellBox-2 Mission to the International Space Station: Thyroid Cancer Cells in Space.
Daniela Melnik, Marcus Krüger, Herbert Schulz, Sascha Kopp, Markus Wehland, Johann Bauer, Bjorn Baselet, Randy Vermeesen, Sarah Baatout, Thomas J Corydon,[...]. Int J Mol Sci 2021

V600EBRAF Inhibition Induces Cytoprotective Autophagy through AMPK in Thyroid Cancer Cells.
Eva Jiménez-Mora, Beatriz Gallego, Sergio Díaz-Gago, Marina Lasa, Pablo Baquero, Antonio Chiloeches. Int J Mol Sci 2021

Kinase-Inhibitors in Iodine-Refractory Differentiated Thyroid Cancer-Focus on Occurrence, Mechanisms, and Management of Treatment-Related Hypertension.
Anne Christine Kaae, Michael C Kreissl, Marcus Krüger, Manfred Infanger, Daniela Grimm, Markus Wehland. Int J Mol Sci 2021

The Fight against Cancer by Microgravity: The Multicellular Spheroid as a Metastasis Model.
Daniela Grimm, Herbert Schulz, Marcus Krüger, José Luis Cortés-Sánchez, Marcel Egli, Armin Kraus, Jayashree Sahana, Thomas J Corydon, Ruth Hemmersbach, Petra M Wise,[...]. Int J Mol Sci 2022

Multikinase Inhibitor Treatment in Thyroid Cancer.
Ole Vincent Ancker, Marcus Krüger, Markus Wehland, Manfred Infanger, Daniela Grimm. Int J Mol Sci 2019

Differentiated Thyroid Cancer, From Active Surveillance to Advanced Therapy: Toward a Personalized Medicine.
Antonio Matrone, Maria Cristina Campopiano, Alice Nervo, Giulia Sapuppo, Martina Tavarelli, Simone De Leo. Front Endocrinol (Lausanne) 2020

FOXE1-Dependent Regulation of Macrophage Chemotaxis by Thyroid Cells In Vitro and In Vivo.
Sara C Credendino, Marta De Menna, Irene Cantone, Carmen Moccia, Matteo Esposito, Luigi Di Guida, Mario De Felice, Gabriella De Vita. Int J Mol Sci 2021

Application of free-flow IEF to identify protein candidates changing under microgravity conditions.
Jessica Pietsch, Richard Kussian, Albert Sickmann, Johann Bauer, Gerhard Weber, Mikkel Nissum, Kriss Westphal, Marcel Egli, Jirka Grosse, Johann Schönberger,[...]. Proteomics 2010

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