A citation-based method for searching scientific literature

Roger B Varela, José Henrique Cararo, Susannah J Tye, Andre F Carvalho, Samira S Valvassori, Gabriel R Fries, João Quevedo. Neurosci Biobehav Rev 2022
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Transgenerational adverse effects of valproate? A patient report from 90 affected families.
Marine Martin, Catherine Hill, Susan Bewley, Alastair H MacLennan, Alain Braillon. Birth Defects Res 2022

Can epigenetics shine a light on the biological pathways underlying major mental disorders?
Luis Alameda, Giulia Trotta, Harriet Quigley, Victoria Rodriguez, Romayne Gadelrab, Daniella Dwir, Emma Dempster, Chloe C Y Wong, Marta Di Forti. Psychol Med 2022

Role of epigenetic transgenerational inheritance in generational toxicology.
Eric E Nilsson, Millissia Ben Maamar, Michael K Skinner. Environ Epigenet 2022

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