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Ilanah J Pruis, Stephan R Koene, Sebastian R van der Voort, Fatih Incekara, Arnaud J P E Vincent, Martin J van den Bent, Geert J Lycklama À Nijeholt, Rishi D S Nandoe Tewarie, Sophie E M Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Marion Smits. Neurooncol Adv 2022
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The 2021 WHO Classification of Tumors of the Central Nervous System: a summary.
David N Louis, Arie Perry, Pieter Wesseling, Daniel J Brat, Ian A Cree, Dominique Figarella-Branger, Cynthia Hawkins, H K Ng, Stefan M Pfister, Guido Reifenberger,[...]. Neuro Oncol 2021

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T2-FLAIR Mismatch, an Imaging Biomarker for IDH and 1p/19q Status in Lower-grade Gliomas: A TCGA/TCIA Project.
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Type and frequency of IDH1 and IDH2 mutations are related to astrocytic and oligodendroglial differentiation and age: a study of 1,010 diffuse gliomas.
Christian Hartmann, Jochen Meyer, Jörg Balss, David Capper, Wolf Mueller, Arne Christians, Jörg Felsberg, Marietta Wolter, Christian Mawrin, Wolfgang Wick,[...]. Acta Neuropathol 2009

Increased sensitivity to radiochemotherapy in IDH1 mutant glioblastoma as demonstrated by serial quantitative MR volumetry.
Anh N Tran, Albert Lai, Sichen Li, Whitney B Pope, Stephanie Teixeira, Robert J Harris, Davis C Woodworth, Phioanh L Nghiemphu, Timothy F Cloughesy, Benjamin M Ellingson. Neuro Oncol 2014

An inhibitor of mutant IDH1 delays growth and promotes differentiation of glioma cells.
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Hui Yang, Dan Ye, Kun-Liang Guan, Yue Xiong. Clin Cancer Res 2012

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Ingo K Mellinghoff, Marta Penas-Prado, Katherine B Peters, Howard A Burris, Elizabeth A Maher, Filip Janku, Gregory M Cote, Macarena I de la Fuente, Jennifer L Clarke, Benjamin M Ellingson,[...]. Clin Cancer Res 2021

Consensus recommendations for a standardized Brain Tumor Imaging Protocol in clinical trials.
Benjamin M Ellingson, Martin Bendszus, Jerrold Boxerman, Daniel Barboriak, Bradley J Erickson, Marion Smits, Sarah J Nelson, Elizabeth Gerstner, Brian Alexander, Gregory Goldmacher,[...]. Neuro Oncol 2015

Multiparametric MRI for early identification of therapeutic response in recurrent glioblastoma treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors.
Joseph Song, Priyanka Kadaba, Amanda Kravitz, Adilia Hormigo, Joshua Friedman, Puneet Belani, Constantinos Hadjipanayis, Benjamin M Ellingson, Kambiz Nael. Neuro Oncol 2020

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Radiation plus Procarbazine, CCNU, and Vincristine in Low-Grade Glioma.
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Relative cerebral blood volume is a potential predictive imaging biomarker of bevacizumab efficacy in recurrent glioblastoma.
Philipp Kickingereder, Benedikt Wiestler, Sina Burth, Antje Wick, Martha Nowosielski, Sabine Heiland, Heinz-Peter Schlemmer, Wolfgang Wick, Martin Bendszus, Alexander Radbruch. Neuro Oncol 2015

Evidence for sequenced molecular evolution of IDH1 mutant glioblastoma from a distinct cell of origin.
Albert Lai, Samir Kharbanda, Whitney B Pope, Anh Tran, Orestes E Solis, Franklin Peale, William F Forrest, Kanan Pujara, Jose A Carrillo, Ajay Pandita,[...]. J Clin Oncol 2011

Ivosidenib induces deep durable remissions in patients with newly diagnosed IDH1-mutant acute myeloid leukemia.
Gail J Roboz, Courtney D DiNardo, Eytan M Stein, Stéphane de Botton, Alice S Mims, Gabrielle T Prince, Jessica K Altman, Martha L Arellano, Will Donnellan, Harry P Erba,[...]. Blood 2020

Diffusion MR Characteristics Following Concurrent Radiochemotherapy Predicts Progression-Free and Overall Survival in Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma.
Warren Chang, Whitney B Pope, Robert J Harris, Anthony J Hardy, Kevin Leu, Reema R Mody, Phioanh L Nghiemphu, Albert Lai, Timothy F Cloughesy, Benjamin M Ellingson. Tomography 2015

Oncometabolite 2-hydroxyglutarate is a competitive inhibitor of α-ketoglutarate-dependent dioxygenases.
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Diffusion MRI changes in the anterior subventricular zone following chemoradiation in glioblastoma with posterior ventricular involvement.
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Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast MR Imaging in Glioma: Review of Current Clinical Practice.
Jerrold L Boxerman, Mark S Shiroishi, Benjamin M Ellingson, Whitney B Pope. Magn Reson Imaging Clin N Am 2016

IDH mutations as an early and consistent marker in low-grade astrocytomas WHO grade II and their consecutive secondary high-grade gliomas.
Tareq A Juratli, Matthias Kirsch, Katja Robel, Silke Soucek, Kathrin Geiger, Rüdiger von Kummer, Gabriele Schackert, Dietmar Krex. J Neurooncol 2012

Ivosidenib in IDH1-mutant, chemotherapy-refractory cholangiocarcinoma (ClarIDHy): a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 3 study.
Ghassan K Abou-Alfa, Teresa Macarulla, Milind M Javle, Robin K Kelley, Sam J Lubner, Jorge Adeva, James M Cleary, Daniel V Catenacci, Mitesh J Borad, John Bridgewater,[...]. Lancet Oncol 2020

Durable Remissions with Ivosidenib in IDH1-Mutated Relapsed or Refractory AML.
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Molecular alterations of isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 and 2 (IDH1 and IDH2) metabolic genes and additional genetic mutations in newly diagnosed acute myeloid leukemia patients.
Sadudee Chotirat, Wanna Thongnoppakhun, Orathai Promsuwicha, Chetsada Boonthimat, Chirayu U Auewarakul. J Hematol Oncol 2012

Lactate dehydrogenase A silencing in IDH mutant gliomas.
Charles Chesnelong, Myriam M Chaumeil, Michael D Blough, Mohammad Al-Najjar, Owen D Stechishin, Jennifer A Chan, Russell O Pieper, Sabrina M Ronen, Samuel Weiss, H Artee Luchman,[...]. Neuro Oncol 2014

Diffusion magnetic resonance imaging: an early surrogate marker of therapeutic efficacy in brain tumors.
T L Chenevert, L D Stegman, J M Taylor, P L Robertson, H S Greenberg, A Rehemtulla, B D Ross. J Natl Cancer Inst 2000

Updated response assessment criteria for high-grade gliomas: response assessment in neuro-oncology working group.
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User-guided 3D active contour segmentation of anatomical structures: significantly improved efficiency and reliability.
Paul A Yushkevich, Joseph Piven, Heather Cody Hazlett, Rachel Gimpel Smith, Sean Ho, James C Gee, Guido Gerig. Neuroimage 2006

IDH1 and IDH2 mutations are frequent events in central chondrosarcoma and central and periosteal chondromas but not in other mesenchymal tumours.
M Fernanda Amary, Krisztian Bacsi, Francesca Maggiani, Stephen Damato, Dina Halai, Fitim Berisha, Robin Pollock, Paul O'Donnell, Anita Grigoriadis, Tim Diss,[...]. J Pathol 2011

Diffusion MRI is an early biomarker of overall survival benefit in IDH wild-type recurrent glioblastoma treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors.
Akifumi Hagiwara, Talia C Oughourlian, Nicholas S Cho, Jacob Schlossman, Chencai Wang, Jingwen Yao, Catalina Raymond, Richard Everson, Kunal Patel, Sergey Mareninov,[...]. Neuro Oncol 2022

Glioma-derived mutations in IDH1 dominantly inhibit IDH1 catalytic activity and induce HIF-1alpha.
Shimin Zhao, Yan Lin, Wei Xu, Wenqing Jiang, Zhengyu Zha, Pu Wang, Wei Yu, Zhiqiang Li, Lingling Gong, Yingjie Peng,[...]. Science 2009

Diffuse Infiltrating Oligodendroglioma and Astrocytoma.
Martin J van den Bent, Marion Smits, Johan M Kros, Susan M Chang. J Clin Oncol 2017

MR-detectable metabolic biomarkers of response to mutant IDH inhibition in low-grade glioma.
Abigail R Molloy, Chloé Najac, Pavithra Viswanath, Aliya Lakhani, Elavarasan Subramani, Georgios Batsios, Marina Radoul, Anne Marie Gillespie, Russell O Pieper, Sabrina M Ronen. Theranostics 2020

Cancer-associated IDH1 mutations produce 2-hydroxyglutarate.
Lenny Dang, David W White, Stefan Gross, Bryson D Bennett, Mark A Bittinger, Edward M Driggers, Valeria R Fantin, Hyun Gyung Jang, Shengfang Jin, Marie C Keenan,[...]. Nature 2009

IDH1 mutation is sufficient to establish the glioma hypermethylator phenotype.
Sevin Turcan, Daniel Rohle, Anuj Goenka, Logan A Walsh, Fang Fang, Emrullah Yilmaz, Carl Campos, Armida W M Fabius, Chao Lu, Patrick S Ward,[...]. Nature 2012

Phase I Study of the Mutant IDH1 Inhibitor Ivosidenib: Safety and Clinical Activity in Patients With Advanced Chondrosarcoma.
William D Tap, Victor M Villalobos, Gregory M Cote, Howard Burris, Filip Janku, Olivier Mir, Murali Beeram, Andrew J Wagner, Liewen Jiang, Bin Wu,[...]. J Clin Oncol 2020

IDH mutation status is associated with a distinct hypoxia/angiogenesis transcriptome signature which is non-invasively predictable with rCBV imaging in human glioma.
Philipp Kickingereder, Felix Sahm, Alexander Radbruch, Wolfgang Wick, Sabine Heiland, Andreas von Deimling, Martin Bendszus, Benedikt Wiestler. Sci Rep 2015

Contrast enhancement predicting survival in integrated molecular subtypes of diffuse glioma: an observational cohort study.
Johann-Martin Hempel, Cornelia Brendle, Benjamin Bender, Georg Bier, Marco Skardelly, Irina Gepfner-Tuma, Franziska Eckert, Ulrike Ernemann, Jens Schittenhelm. J Neurooncol 2018

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