A citation-based method for searching scientific literature

Zhenxiang Gong, Li Ba, Min Zhang. J Biomed Res 2022
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Astrocyte transplantation for repairing the injured spinal cord.
Xiaolong Zheng, Wei Wang. J Biomed Res 2022

Effects of different regional cerebral blood flow on white matter hyperintensity in CADASIL patients.
Runrun Wang, Jiewen Zhang, Junkui Shang, Fengyu Wang, Xi Yan. J Biomed Res 2022

A visualization pipeline for in vivo two-photon volumetric astrocytic calcium imaging.
Qian Sun, Yusi Hu, Saiyue Deng, Yanyu Xiong, Zhili Huang. J Biomed Res 2022

Co-cited is the co-citation frequency, indicating how many articles cite the article together with the query article. Similarity is the co-citation as percentage of the times cited of the query article or the article in the search results, whichever is the lowest. These numbers are calculated for the last 100 citations when articles are cited more than 100 times.