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S V Scott, D J Klionsky. Curr Opin Cell Biol 1998
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Vacuolar import of proteins and organelles from the cytoplasm.
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Two distinct pathways for targeting proteins from the cytoplasm to the vacuole/lysosome.
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Cytoplasm-to-vacuole targeting and autophagy employ the same machinery to deliver proteins to the yeast vacuole.
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Aminopeptidase I is targeted to the vacuole by a nonclassical vesicular mechanism.
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Aut2p and Aut7p, two novel microtubule-associated proteins are essential for delivery of autophagic vesicles to the vacuole.
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PINK1 is selectively stabilized on impaired mitochondria to activate Parkin.
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Parkin is recruited selectively to impaired mitochondria and promotes their autophagy.
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NIX is required for programmed mitochondrial clearance during reticulocyte maturation.
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PINK1 stabilized by mitochondrial depolarization recruits Parkin to damaged mitochondria and activates latent Parkin for mitophagy.
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Mitochondrial outer-membrane protein FUNDC1 mediates hypoxia-induced mitophagy in mammalian cells.
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Cvt9/Gsa9 functions in sequestering selective cytosolic cargo destined for the vacuole.
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FoxO3 controls autophagy in skeletal muscle in vivo.
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FoxO3 coordinately activates protein degradation by the autophagic/lysosomal and proteasomal pathways in atrophying muscle cells.
Jinghui Zhao, Jeffrey J Brault, Andreas Schild, Peirang Cao, Marco Sandri, Stefano Schiaffino, Stewart H Lecker, Alfred L Goldberg. Cell Metab 2007

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