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Elizabeth Martin, Lisa Smeester, Paige A Bommarito, Matthew R Grace, Kim Boggess, Karl Kuban, Margaret R Karagas, Carmen J Marsit, T Michael O'Shea, Rebecca C Fry. Epigenomics 2017
Times Cited: 45

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Effects of prenatal exposure to endocrine disruptors and toxic metals on the fetal epigenome.
Paige A Bommarito, Elizabeth Martin, Rebecca C Fry. Epigenomics 2017

Placental CpG methylation of infants born extremely preterm predicts cognitive impairment later in life.
Sloane K Tilley, Elizabeth M Martin, Lisa Smeester, Robert M Joseph, Karl C K Kuban, Tim C Heeren, Olaf U Dammann, T Michael O'Shea, Rebecca C Fry. PLoS One 2018