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Ricardo Mouro Pinto, Larissa Arning, James V Giordano, Pedram Razghandi, Marissa A Andrew, Tammy Gillis, Kevin Correia, Jayalakshmi S Mysore, Debora-M Grote Urtubey, Constanze R Parwez, Sarah M von Hein, H Brent Clark, Huu Phuc Nguyen, Eckart Förster, Allison Beller, Suman Jayadaev, C Dirk Keene, Thomas D Bird, Diane Lucente, Jean-Paul Vonsattel, Harry Orr, Carsten Saft, Elisabeth Petrasch-Parwez, Vanessa C Wheeler. Hum Mol Genet 2020
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Interrupting sequence variants and age of onset in Huntington's disease: clinical implications and emerging therapies.
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Modifiers of Somatic Repeat Instability in Mouse Models of Friedreich Ataxia and the Fragile X-Related Disorders: Implications for the Mechanism of Somatic Expansion in Huntington's Disease.
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